Walking The Dog // Fun.

I went over Sean's house earlier.
And, well... I'm pretty happy.

I finally got the courage up to be honest
with him and tell him how I'm, quite frankly, 
not ready for the whole making out thing.

Basically, all he said was that he didn't really
care and that 'as long as he still had me'
And then he gave me a hug and we spent the majority of the time cuddling.

And, at one point, he just wrapped his arms around me and was like, 'You're so tiny'

The picture in the set is relevant, too
because he always kisses my forehead
and he kisses me on the cheek and awe
I really like him. I really do.

ugh adsk;jg;kljgdf
I couldn't stop smiling 
that boy just makes me so darn happy
I can't even
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