Prasheila Pucey

Age: 16

Year: 6

House: Slytherin

Parents: Adrian Pucey & Padma Patil

Bio: Prasheila often comes off as dark, and brooding but for good reason. Unbeknownst to most Prasheila comes from a broken home and tough up-bringing. Many were shocked at the unusual union of her parents, but less surprised when the marriage lasted less than two years. It had been a very rough relationship, which caused Padma to run back to India to stay with relatives, leaving a child neither party seemed interested in raising. Prasheila went to live with her paternal grandparents. An old and wealthy pure blood family stuck in the old views and traditions made of mostly of Slytherin alumni. Prasheila was raised in these ideals, with a tense relationship with her father and no contact with her mother. Her grandparents were very strict, and raised her more like a prized pet than a child. However she has always felt maybe this way of life was not what she was meant for.

Model: Taylor Hill

Played by: OPEN

✵ Open-ended Bio Questions 

° Wand: Sheesham (also known as Indian Rosewood), 15" in , Dittany stalk, hard, Inflexible.

° Broom: a basic Cleansweep Eleven that she uses only if forced. She likes her feet flat on the ground.

° Boggart: A snake (ironic right?).

° Patronus: A kitten.

° Skills: Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, particularly Animagi.

° Quidditch Position(s): none.
✵ Out of Character Questions
°why did you choose this character? I always feel I have a Slytherin side but it's not my domanant side and so this character speaks to me, she wants to be a good Slytherin and make her grandparents proud but she also knows it's not quite the best fit for her. I look forward to exploring it and how she got picked for Slytherin in her stories. 

°can you honestly be active? Honestly I do work full time at two jobs and don't have time for a lot of role plays but I am clearing out my groups for this role-play and I will keep up with stories! You have my word on that, I have been looking for a role-play like this for a long time! :) 

°why should we choose you for this character? I hope because you like how I portray her and that I fit the image you had in mind when creating her. I will do my best to make her a great part of this rp and give her lots of juicy stories! 

✵ Top Five.
Molly Weasley
Lucy Weasley
Pippa Longbottom
Purnima Thomas
Prasheila Pucey

✵ Short Story,

"Sixth year.. well that's big" my Grandmere stared at me with cold impassive eyes, I nodded solemnly, "I guess.." I shuffled my feet and tried to look anywhere but at her, Grandmeres eyes reminded me of a snakes.. I shuddered just thinking.. "Don't slouch, what do you mean 'you guess?' don't they teach you how to speak correctly to your elders at Hogwarts?" she went in for the kill and pinched my cheek with a viper like grip, "Sorry Grandmere" I said clearly and stood up straight if only to pull out of her cold pinch. "Well never mind.. go. I will see you at Christmas" I nodded again and had to slow myself on my race from the room. 

Grandpapa stood by the door with our driver, he was barking orders at the poor man, "I'm going now Grandpapa" I tried to smile at the man who had raised me since my mother left but there was no paternal instincts in his grey eyes, being in this family I could half understand my mothers need to flee, I only wish she had brought me with her. "Ok LaLa, behave" he called me using the endearment I hated, I ran to pick up my bag "bye then" I nodded and helped our driver take my trunk and bags to the car. Once driving I relaxed a little, I was finally going back to the only place I would call home, Hogwarts. 

"Kings Cross Miss" he broke me out of my daze and pulled up on the busy London street, once all my luggage had been put on a trolley he gave me a small wave and I headed through the throng to find platform 9 3/4. "Prasheila" my Father stepped out of the crowd looking impatient but flawless, "Dad?" I asked, stunned to see him, he looked annoyed "you know I prefer Father", "Of course, I was just surprised at seeing you Father, is everything ok?" He looked slightly happier and nodded "yes yes everything is fine, I just wanted to have one last word about your subject selections" I inwardly groaned, this was the age old argument.

"I'm taking Animagi" I stated bluntly, he looked annoyed again and ran his slender fingers through thinning hair "I don't see why you can't continue with the dark arts or potions, they were my best classes" he pushed and I shook my head stubbornly "I'm not changing my mind, this is what I want to do" It was a rare thing for me to stand up to my father but I had wanted this for so long and this year I would prove to everyone I can be an animagus. "Well at least join the quidditch team?" he tried half-heartedly knowing full well the answer would be no. 

I sighed and massaged my temples "You know I had to fly.. if we were meant to fly we would have wings" I tried to joke and he cringed "fine.. your stubborn like your mother" it was the first time he had talked about her in years and I found a tear caught in my eye "tell me about her?" I asked quietly, all the noise of the station washing out in preparation for his answer. "Really Prasheila... I'm busy. Have a good year" he leant forward as if to kiss my cheek then fell back and disappeared into the crowds. I wiped the singe tear away and put back up my walls, my face turning to a impassive state. 

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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
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Wrote 4 years ago




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5th place in group contest: Hogwarts Next Gen : AUDITIONS

5th place in group contest: Hogwarts Next Gen : AUDITIONS

17 sets from 17 members. Ended 4 years ago.
Welcome to yet another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry
◆ Pick a character and follow the audition format
◆ PM a mod with any questions

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