Ah! I can't wait till this movie comes out!!!! 

Ok... listen what happened between me and my crush today. I have no clue like what to do. Well I do but I wish I didn't have to. 

I'm at my locker and he is at his. He comes to mine and starts to talk to me. 

Q- Do you like me? 
Me- No. 
Q-Claudia... come on.. 
Me- I don't. 
Q- Ok, I know you do. Just come out with it, confirm it, stop lying. 

I had no clue what to say, so I didn't say anything. Tomorrow I'm going to tell him I do like him so he doesn't get annoyed with me for lying. I just uh. Err.


I didn't tell him. He didn't talk to me today, didn't say a word to me. Hardly looked at me. End of story.
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