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EVENT: So we're all having an emergency meeting at the school - no one knows why yet, but we're about to learn that there's been another accident at the school, and that someone's going home. The headmaster tells you that people have started receiving threatening notes from the Seven. The girl who went home? She got three.

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"I'm heading out to have breakfast with the girls, see you around Amelie." I said to my roommate, who had been acting seriously creepy. Either the girl was bipolar or she had gotten herself in a huge problem. I kinda felt bad for her, but I was slightly scared. So often I'd just be in my room and she would be in hers. No conversation.

Besides, they didn't let me keep my individual room for some reason, even though I had offered to pay a hefty sum of money. 

I headed to the dining hall, where I met up with Lilah, Pandora, Iz, Evie and Lyndsey. Just a few minutes after we began to eat our food, they called us to the school auditorium. I waved at Laura, who was sitting indifferently in the back row. She nodded and hid a cigarrette in her pocket. I never knew how she did it, no one ever seemed to notice it or to even smell it. Maybe they did, but they didn't say anything because she was that damn good in school.

I turned to Pandora—who was chatting excitedly with Iz, they were probably discussing plans for a party, and tapped lightly on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled, "Hey Mariana."

"'Ello. Why are we even here?" I asked, echoing the words Lyndsey had said earlier in the dining hall, 'I wonder what's happening'. They had kept us in the auditorium for about half an hour and still, no one even bothered to tell us what was going on.

"I really don't know." Pandora shrugged, then asked Iz, who shook her head and said, "I wish I knew."

I frowned, then turned to Lyndsey, who was glaring at Iz, who at the same time was holding Eliot's hand.

"I want to leave already." Lyndsey whined, "I'm tired and I need my beauty sleep."

I shrugged, "I could barely sleep last night."

"Had a rough night?" She asked.

"Yeah, I was working in a painting... didn't turn out as planned."

She nodded comprehensively. I had trouble coming up with a decent painting these days. I almost gave up on it, but it was one of the few pleasures I could have in Haverleigh, so I never really gave up, I just procrastinated.

Alas, they began the announcement. "Ladies and gentlemen, unfortunately, there has been an accident."

Commotion, everyone started speaking in hushes and whispers. We never had accidents, this was one of the safest schools in the nation... unless it involved the Seven. On cue, everyone started to sound alarmed, as if they had just realized what was going on.

"One of our students has received three warnings. This is a serious situation, and there will be penalties and even expulsion when we find who is commiting these acts."

More mumbling. A few shrieks. Mona's eyes were glued to the headmaster. "Do you think they'll start killing people?" She asked, her voice trembling.

"Gosh Mo, I hope not!" I said, feeling desperate myself.

 "For her safety, the student—who will remain anonymous—will go home. Now, we don't expect you to go home too. However, we will remain cautious. Security will increase. Punishment will be severe for those who commit illicit acts in Haverleigh."

"Gee, that's reassuring." Laura rolled her eyes, perhaps wondering if they'd do something about her smoking behavior. "If they're gonna kill someone, they will and that's all. They're not gonna be stupid or whatever to let us know who they are."

She had a point. It also sounded way too eerie. As if she knew who did it. "Laura, that's not something you say to everyone." I hushed.

"Oh, I'm not one of them." She rolled her eyes. "They're too sloppy." She winked at me and I smiled. She never got caught smoking and kept her perfect grades.

"So, for now, you are safe." The headmaster continued. "You are dismissed. Go to your classes, and remember, there will be consecuences. Be prepared to face them." That seemed like a warning for both the Seven and the students. The Seven would be punished if they were revealed, while the students would be targeted by the Seven anyways. It was a lose-lose situation and I just hoped that nothing bad happened to me or my friends.
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