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Name: Santiago Ferreira
Age: 23
Height: 6'0”
Previous job: Trust fund baby, no job.
Hometown: Madeira, Portugal
Likes: having a scruff, plaids, high top sneakers, baseball caps, alcohol, extreme sports, photography
Dislikes: tabloids, bad experiences, alcohol, being labeled a bad guy, not having a place to call “home”, clothes that fit too small, gossip, haircuts
Bio: You've probably heard the name Santiago Ferreira before—the son of a bestselling author and a world renowned chef who had a very public meltdown while in Brazil. His erratic behavior made his parents turn their backs on him and leaving him on his own to start a new life away from the tabloids. He's finally cleaned up his act and hopes to get an opportunity to work in the happiest place on earth and possibly the place that wouldn't let him get a job there either. After all, Santiago's got a bad reputation.
Face character you are auditioning for: Flynn Rider (Tangled)
Model: Julian Schratter
Taken by: @ingrid


Hi, I'm Santiago. Looking forward to meet everyone here, I could use some friends to hang out.


(Relationships? Best friends, friends, enemies, frenemies, love interest, etc)
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