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December 26th: Yesterday was Christmas, but tonight we’re all meeting at Henry’s place for a belated celebration. Bring a gift for your secret Santa and enjoy listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog all night. Don’t worry about getting home if you drink too much, we’re all sleeping over in Henry’s living room tonight.

So, I went to random.org and put a list of all the characters, this is what came up, no joke.

Nastassia's Secret Santa is William


“What is this?” Someone snatches the gift I was holding from my hands. I turn around and see Sebastian. The last person on earth that I'd expect to see again. I haven't even spoken to him since we parted our ways when we got here. Hell, I don't know where JuJu is. I heard she got termed from the college program.

“It's not for you.” I glare at him, “Give it back.” I say, standing on my tiptoes since he's holding the gift on top of his head and I'm short compared to him. Way too short. I barely scratch the top of his head.

He sighs, “Okay.” And then, without warning, he presses his lips onto mine, almost breaking then in the process.

“What was that for?” I scoff, checking my lip.

Sebastian shrugs, putting the gift on my hands. “Let's go, I need a drink.”

“You didn't answer my question.” I say firmly. I won't budge until he gives me an explanation. For all I know, he could be high right now.

“That guy was staring.” He says, pointing at someone. I crane my neck and stare at Santiago, who snickers and walks into a store.

“Tiago!” I yell, sprinting into the store. I don't know why, but I just do. It's not like Santiago needs an explanation of what just happened. I just don't want to spend time alone with Bastian. It might end up like when we were younger, and that's something I don't want to repeat.

I loosen the grip on the gift, which I almost crumpled in the process of running. William probably wouldn't mind receiving something in this state, but I tell myself that I'll re-wrap it once I get back to my apartment. I look around the store, but no such luck. Santiago is nowhere to be found. Then I stop, I realize where I'm at. Victoria's Secret. This is so not the place I would've expected him to be. Maybe he's with a girlfriend or something, and then my cheeks get red at the thought.

“Where's lover boy?” Santiago asks, a sly smile forming on his lips. I punch his arm softly.

“He's not.” I simply say, “And what are you doing on a lingerie store?”

“Getting a gift for my secret Santa.” Tiago winks at me, “Thought she could use something from here, but I was wrong. Their quality sucks.”

“You're getting your secret Santa underwear? What kind of person are you? Wait...” I say. “Don't answer that.” Santiago licks his lips absentmindedly. I narrow my eyes at him. “Who is it?”

“Can't tell.” He shakes his head playfully, “Unless you tell me who is yours.”

“William.” I roll my eyes. “What could I possibly get to the adventurous stripper that he doesn't have already, you might ask...”

“Actually, I wasn't wondering about that.” He snorts. “Mine is Genevieve.”

“Genie?” I ask. He was spending a considerable amount of time with her lately. I had my suspicions but nothing serious, since she had a boyfriend and such.

“Yeah.” He nods.

“Gee, I wonder who you had to bribe to switch secret Santa with.” I grin.

“No one.” Santiago says seriously. “I actually got Genie.”


“Let's go to another store.” He says and grabs my arm, linking his with mine.


“There you are.” Sebastian smiles. “Hello, I'm Sebastian.” He says, extending a hand towards Santiago who shakes it wearily. “Stas' old flame.” He winks at Tiago, who stares at him with his eyes wide open. I just wish the ground would swallow me right now.

“May I have a word with you?” I ask politely, dragging Bastian with me.

“Hey, I'll be in the next store if you need me.” Santiago says, waving at us and walking away. I'm left alone with Sebastian again. “We're nothing these days.” I say. “No relationship whatsoever.”

“That's not what you said when we were in Alaska...” He says, “Need me to remind you that I've been your one and only?”

I slap him on the face. “That's enough.”

“Stas, I miss you.” He says, looking down. “I'm sorry I'm not who you were expecting to be with. I've disappointed you but I can promise I've changed...”

“Is that so?” I snort. “Then how come you reek of weed?”

“Friends.” He shrugs.

“Goodbye, Bastian.”


“Here's your gift.” I squeal as William stares at me, clueless.

“I didn't get you anything.” He says.

“You don't have to, I'm your secret Santa.” I smile.

“Oh, that.” He nods. “Err, thanks.”

“You're welcome. I hope you like it.”

“I s'ppose I will.” He smiles, walking off to talk to Victoria. “Thanks again.” Bill waves at me and I do the same. Hopefully he likes the gift. I repacked it and everything.


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