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December 28th – 30th: Event: Feeling daring? Well if you are; meet up with your other cast members at the local tattoo parlor. We all love Disney, so why not get some Disney ink? Just make sure that you put it somewhere your costume will cover.
Challenge: Make a set featuring the tattoo your character got (check @disney-dreaming’s items if you need ideas). If your character was too chicken to get a tattoo, make a set featuring what they did today instead. 

Santiago got a Haunted Mansion wallpaper stencil tattooed onto him.

♫ | Grim Grinning Ghosts


Sometimes I thought that being a Disney character was almost like joining a fraternity. It was moments like this when I had second thoughts about joining the Disney cult. Getting a Disney tattoo? No problem, but as a part of a challenge... that wasn't right. Some of these girls were terrified of the needle, there was no need to put them through this.

My eyes scanned the red walls, the color clashed with the ugly frames that hung upon the lobby. It was a typical tattoo parlor, filled with people who looked like bikers and girls with ugly haircuts. I looked as Stas entered the tiny room where she'd get a tattoo, her face decided. It was amazing how a few weeks could change a person so much. She was no longer the fragile mess that moved from Alaska to California.

Genie sat next to me, her eyes boring through a tattoo binder. She probably wasn't going to get any of those... but hey, do whatever to make time go faster. She looked up and smiled, we hadn't spoke much ever since the other day when we kissed underneath that mistletoe. I knew things had changed, I just didn't know how much.

Nastassia came out of the room, a grin plastered in her face. She wrapped her arms around me and showed off the gauze that covered her feet. Two tattoos. I was impressed.

“Did it hurt?” I asked her. She shook her head enthusiastically.

“Not at all.”

“They're on your feet.” I said. “That's a sensitive spot.”

“I'm a tough girl.” She winked and squished herself between Genie and me. “Genie, have you decided what you're getting?”

Genie nodded, “Yeah, I think I'll go next.”

“What about you, Tiago?”

“Oh, totally.” I nodded. I had no f.cking idea of what to get. My options were slightly limited to Pirates of the Caribbean—which Gabriel was getting a tattoo of, The Haunted Mansion or the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I opted for a Haunted Mansion tattoo because it was one of my favorite rides. The details in it were impressive and every time I went on the ride, I always found something new. “Haunted Mansion.” I said absentmindedly.

“Really?” Stas squealed. “What of?”

“Uh...” I hesitated. The Grim Grinning Ghosts were my favorite, but that would look weird in my body. I wasn't the type of person who got cartoons tattooed on my body. My mind went back to the ride. I liked the clock that had 13 hours, but I didn't have a reason to get it tattooed. However, the wallpaper stuck out the most. The details in it were creative and eerie. I knew I was going to get that. “The wallpaper.”

“Oh, that sounds nice.” She smiled.

“Genie, you're next.” Henry said. Genie stood up and walked over a counter, talked a bit with some tattooed woman and pointed at me.

“S?” She whispered. I stood up and followed her through the cramped room.

“Need a bit of courage, Genes?” I chuckled, squeezing her hand.

“I always could use some more.” She said, laying back on the chair. The tattoo artist asked her where she wanted to get it and she lifted of her shirt. “Here.” She pointed at her ribcage. I tried hard not to stare. Instead, I focused on her eyes. The needle began pulsating quickly and she squeezed harder.

“Breathe.” I suggested, a smile forming on my lips. The Ohana tattoo was done. The tattoo artist moved on to the next bit, tattooing some dates. I stared at them quizzically but figured it wouldn't be okay to ask, at least not here. Genie needed her privacy and I wasn't going to intrude.


“Thank you.” Genie said, examining the final result. The tattoo artist cleaned up the smudged ink around the area, giving her some instructions on how to take care of it for the next weeks. She thanked him and stood up the chair, motioning for me to go next.

“I want to get this.” I said to the tattoo artist, handing over a piece of paper.

“Is this your first time?” She asked, glancing at Genie, who still clung to my hand. I shook my head.

“No, I have a gun on my leg.” I shrugged.

“Like Rihanna's?” She snorted.

“It's a large tattoo. The gun has some detailing around it. It also has a lens in the barrel.” I explained as Genie's eyes widened.

“Why a gun?” She asked.

“Because of something that happened.” I didn't expand on it. She respected my decision and didn't press any further. This didn't concern the tattoo artist, it could wait.

I pulled down the pants I was wearing to show off the tattoo. Genie looked like she would pass out at any moment. “Santiago...” She whispered. 

“That's some nice ink.” The tattoo artist nodded. “None of that Disney nonsense and I'm sure it means something to you.”

“Disney means something to me.” I said. “A new start.”

“Right.” She said. “So, where do you want it?”

“On the back of my left shoulder.”


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