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Drakaina-Delphyne Malfoy
Age: 17
Year: 6
House: Slytherin
Parents: Draco Malfoy & Astoria Greengrass
Bio: The tall cool queen of Slytherin, Drakaina has her thumb firmly on the members of her house. Since her first year her family name and legacy have granted her respect and homage from other Slytherins. She is her parent's pride and joy especially now since her older brother Scorpious seems to be acting quite odd and straying from the family ideals. While Drakain never seems to sully her hands with mischief or trouble she does seem to be the route of it, getting student like Arachne Goyle to do her dirty work for her. All in all its best not to get on Drakaina's bad side or she will make life at Hogwarts very hard for you.
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