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Cass POV
I tried to avoid Thomas all week, but something had changed, I could feel his eyes on me when we were in the great hall, once I met his stare, and it was so intense I had to look away, he was more than aware of the way I came back, and I don’t know why, but he wasn’t giving up, or letting me live down anything. I told him to stay away from me for his own good. But im sure he is as Gryffindor as they come, reason why I was dreading the next potions lesson.
“Students, I’m most proud to say that due to the advance level of this specific class, we will be brewing a special potion for the rest of the class, Draught of the living dead!” Slughorn said excitedly, his big belly giggling when he moved “the same pairs of course, and the winner team, gets a special price” he smirked. “What’s the price?” I asked raising my eyebrow, he smiled at me and pulled out a small bottle with a golden liquid inside, I sucked in a breath recognizing what it was immediately “Professor is that Liquid Luck?” Thomas asked next to me, I rolled my eyes, of course it was. He just smirked and tapped on the hourglass with his wand, the pair with the best attempt of draught will win, good luck” he said sitting down in the big chair behind his desk. I looked up at Thomas, he was already looking intensively at me, “I wont move a finger until you agree to talk to me Lestrange” he said, I glared at him, that potion was very useful, “Why do you bloody care so much?” I whispered yelled. “Talk to me outside of class” he repeated. “Fine, go get what we need I’ll start here” I said turning away from him, we worked perfectly in silence, this potion was hard, but it wasn’t as hard as I thought actually it was very 6th year stuff. “Time is up everyone, let me see what you guys have done” he said, and started parading around the different cauldrons, making faces and sniffing some potions and quickly getting rid of others, when he reached the front row, he smiled at the ones next to us, and then smirked at the one boiling in our cauldron. “Lucky potion, for talented winners, use it wisely” he said handing us both a small bottle. “Thank you Professor” we both said. I started picking up everything, when his and clasped around my wrist, he was closer than I thought, and I could feel his warm breath on me, “you promised” he whispered, I looked around and everyone was busy picking everything up, “the lake, around the stone shed, sundown, now let me go” I said and yanked my hand away from his grasp, and picked up my bag, walking out of the classroom.
I couldn’t be near him for more than a classroom, without thinking of his arms around me, when I woke up from that trip to the Lestrange mansion, it was so weird at first, but then the memories from the night before were so awful and he felt so warm, and safe, like I was shielded from everything and everyone, and nothing was ever going to reach me as long as I stayed there forever, I felt the tears forming in my eyes, I ran to the dungeons and walked straight into the bathroom to calm myself, taking long breaths and peeling off my uniform. His arms, were something that I needed to stay away from, for his own sake.

Thomas POV
“What are you playing at Holmes; you trying to bed that snake or what?” one of the my classmates asked when I entered the common room after the potions class, I couldn’t get Cass out of my mind, she was driving me crazy, with every thought I could only see her, broken form in the rain, and she clutching me like I was the only thing holding her to this planet. “So what if I am?” I asked defiant, Cass was actually one of the most beautiful girls here in the castle, and it wouldn’t be weird for me to go after her, even though she was a Slytherin. “Be careful, you know her last name, this is no time for playing with those people” another voice joined from the fireplace. I nodded and walked up the stairs to the bedroom. I quickly took off the robes and tie, throwing it into the bed, I looked out the window, a couple of girls in emerald green robes walked down the grounds, I looked away, my thoughts going back to her immediately, and how great she felt next to me in that potions room, I know it was silly for me to do that, but only her perfume was enough to drive me crazy, I groaned loudly and jumped into my bed.
I walked the way down to the Black Lake, she had to be there or I was going to accio her all the way to the stone shed. She was waiting, wearing some skirt, and jacket that matched her hair and brought out her eyes in the most amazing way.
“Here I am, what you want from me?” she said once she saw me and we were in talking distance. “What happened to you that night?” I asked, not really sure if she was going to be honest with me or tell me to go to hell. “nothing happened, my mom is sick, that’s why I was out, but Dumbledore told me some stuff, that well caught me by surprise” she said, hugging herself, with her knees against her chest, I said near her, she looked at me, but didn’t flinch or move an inch. “Why cant I be near you?” I asked, looking at her, she met my gaze, and chuckled darkly “you really need to ask that? Its because of my father, and who you are” she trailed off “why would it matter?” I asked not sure if I wanted to hear the answer, “he would hurt you, or someone you care about, its what he does” she said, anger ran through me, not sure why, but I only felt the need to crush her to my chest and protect her from anything or anyone. “Would it make a difference if I told you I want to take my chances?” I asked. She smiled at me, a sad smile that made my heart melt “It does” she said, cupping my cheek with her palm, and softly pressing her lips against mine. “But it doesn’t change anything” she added, standing up and walking away.
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