well recently i have made my room look like a tumblr room it wasen even as hard as i thought. People think it takes so much effort but all you have to do is make it reflect your personality. Once you get decorating everything comes together and you can always add which i love. Heres a few different tips i did to make my room or some you could do:

-make a quote collage, put a saying up on your wall and then print off quotes from tumblr or we heart it i think they have the best quotesbut anywhere will work. Then basically jst spread them out around the saying and keep going. They dont have to be quotes either they could be pictures you like or jokes.

-christmas lights, i love this one!!! Oh my gosh i have christmas lights up right by my bed so when im in bed before i go to sleep and i dont want to have my lamp on i just plug my lights in and its perfect i love it!

-posters! posters! poster!, put posters EVERYWHERE

-just have little things around your room. make it your room dont make it identical to the rooms you see on tumblr, that is that persons personality not yours. be origianl

hope this helps btw i mentioned tmblr and we heart it heres my names so you can follow me and omment below and tell me yopurs and ill follow :D

tumblr: 4life27
we heart it: boobear98

love you leave a comment below of request :) ~sami <3

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