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So i'm back with another HTD tip.
This was requested by @alexandracamus
If you have an idea for an HTD, you can tell me here! http://www.polyvore.com/drawing_tutorial_requests/set?id=96106397

Ok, so, lets get started!

(also, sorry for the blurriness in the pictures, idk what was up with my camera. xc Next time i'll make sure the pictures come out better.)
☢ 1.
Start with a head shape (like how i did in th e picture.)
I Draw a vertical line that is slichtly curved, to show the center of the face and where the nose should be. Then i do a slightly curved horizontal line to point out where the eyes should be.

Draw a wive 'V' shape off the side of the head, like how i did. (i circled it in white.) This is where the hair will part.

☢ 2.
Off of the 'v' you just made, draw jagged lines, similar to how i did. It should look like little tufts of hair sticking up a little. It doesn't matte how many you do, just make sure it makes the hair look puffy. cx After all, 'scene' hair is known for its puffiness. 

☢ 3. (this one is kinda small, sorry. xc)
Keep drawing hair tufts until you reach the desired length yo want your hair to be.
When its long enough, make it look kind of pointy at the end.

☢ 4.
Bangs time. c:
To make the bangs, just pretty much do that same hair tufts method i did for the top of the hair, but make it swoop across the face, a little bit over where the eyes would go.

☢ 5.
Finish off with the side bangs.
Pretty much the same method as before, just going along the side where the bands and the face don't connect yet.

I really hope that made sense. :s

Its probably better if you look at the pictures to understand how to draw this kind of hairstyle. c:

I hope you guys enjoyed!

Should i make a HTD on how to color in the hair?
Let me know!

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