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Ok, you may have guessed by now that I'm SUPER obsessed with bows. I spent my snow-day making literally 25 different bows! And I wear a different one every day, plus my account name is cece-and-BOWS, so yeah. Kinda a little obsessed.
I just think they're so adorable and super girly and just give the perfect femimine and cute touch to any outfit. So here are some fun ways to wear them!

Here is if you want to clip your bow in regular, down hair- sort of gather a small ponytail in the back of your head and just clip the bow on! Easy peasy!

Under the Bun
I love this look :) Just make any sort of bun you want, neat or sloppy, then tuck your bow right under your bun and then clip!

Braid-twist Bows
Pull back the front sections of your hair and braid or twist both, then secure with a ponytail, and clip on the bow.

This is very simple- just make a ponytail then add a bow where the hair elastic is.

I'm On Top of the Bun!! (where do i come up with these?)
Make a bun, sloppy or neat, and put your bow on top.

At My Braid's End (ok, im really starting to get a bit worried about my mind now..)
Braid your hair and tie an elastic at the end, then put a bow there.

At My Braid's... Top?
Just do the same thing, but your bow where your braid starts instead of the end.

Side Cutie
This looks best with a smaller bow, so it doesn't look too kooky. Just do whatever you want with your hair, pull it back, straighten, curl, whatever- put your bow on one side for a very adorable touch.

I hope you liked all these! Btw, macbarbie07 made a really awesome video about making bows recently and you should definitely check it out on her channel :)
Peace out girl scouts, ✌
love cece ✄
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