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So today I'm going to show you how to wear spring&summery floral in the fall, and how to make it work!

0utfit 0ne;;; 
 Clothing - The combination of a pretty floral skirt, snow white v-neck sweater, and a navy blue cami is a good one. The skirt is flirty, the top tones it down a bit. I recommend wearing the skirt with some navy leggings if its cold. I wouldn't have them all the way to the ankle, instead get ones that stop just below the knee. 
 Shoes&Accessories - Navy Minnetonka moccasions subtly match with the cami, and are super comfy & cozy. Gold rose earrings and a simple gold chain necklace pull it all together for a classy & preppy look.
 Hair&Makeup - A supersleek pony tail, with sidebangs framing your face is a great look. Makeup all depends. If you are 13 and under, simple makeup is the key. Soft pink gloss, clear mascara, maybe eyeliner and a pastel shadow. 14+, I think eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, and eyeshadow is all age appropriate. But that's just MY opinion.

0utfit Two;;;
 Clothing - This outfit features a REALLY summery floral tube top, pale blue skinny jeans, and an aqua cardigan. To make the tube top seem less summery, the rest of the outfit has some more autumn features. (I guess that's what you would call it...) 
 Shoes&Accessories - Simple black flats with bows, definitley are fit for fall. Black bow earrings are super cute as well as preppy, and we all know how "in" preppy is right now!!
 Hair&Makeup - If you have blunt bangs, keeping your hair as-is would rock for this outfit, but if not, straighten your hair and arrange it around your shoulders. C: Now makeup. Once again, natural for girls 13 and under. Just some black mascara, if needed, & some chapstick. 14+, I would use some brown mascara, light red eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, and some clear or orange-y or red tinted gloss.

0utfit Three;;;
 Clothing - The outfit consists of a regular white logo tee and purple floral denim shorts. Now, purple is an autumn color, but shorts aren't right for fall. To take care of that problem, you could wear plum leggings or wear retro leg warmers with the outfit. 
 Shoes&Accessories - Purple converse are adorable, not to mention functional! ♥ To girl up the outfit a little, you could wear a cute little heart pendant or purple bangles, as pictured. The bangles are great if you don't want to be totally girly, and the pendant works if you do. 
 Hair&Makeup - I would put my hair up in a slightly messy bun or loop. It's really easy and looks great! I don't need to say it again, but I will. 13 and under, stay natural. Chapstick and mascara is all you need. 14+, use some clear mascara and black liner on your lid. You don't need much for this, either!

0utfit Four;;;
 Clothing - This a bit more formal than the others. The floral bralet with the white eyelet skirt is a perfect match. A little spring-like, but not to much, it's easy to fix. 
 Shoes&Accessories - Blue flipflops are perfect with this outfit. Delicate blue dangle earrings match perfectly and add a certain elegance. No accessories except for the earrings draw the eye towards the ear (see what I did there?), and make the face the main focus of the outfit. 
 Hair&Makeup - For this, hair half up, half down, would look awesome, the curl the down part for a simple way to look amazing. Makeup for this should be natural and make you look super fresh faced. Add some bronzer or body glitter to your cheeks for a healthy looking glow. 13 and under, remember, less makeup. So for you, I would use a little brown or black liner on the lid, some soft pink lip gloss, and a pastel eyeshadow or clear mascara. 14+, I think that black or brown mascara, eyeliner, and a pink or navy eyeshadow is good, as well as a pink lipstick or gloss.

Ha! That was pretty long! &I'll admit I went a little overboard with #4. ;) that's it! As always, tell me how I did!

//Chloe (stole this from Mikayla ;D)
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