Hey Guys, 
its Dani! (@itsdanimonique)
So, I'm not really good with fashion persay,
but I do have some sense lol. So I hope you guys like the ideas I came up with on sweater dresses, since winter is coming up soon.

Okay, so:

1. Earthy-
If you're into earthy tones and love to stay stylish and warm, then this look is for you!

-Always a must for earthy tones: browns, tans, burgundys, etc.
-You can pair the dress with leggings if you want to, or not--it's your choice.
-For shoes, ankle boots are cool, but I chose cafe length because I thought it was cute. You could totally do heel or combat or whatever you think looks cute. Even throw in a belt if you want!

2. The Neck-

So, cowl necks are the most common, but I love turtle necks too, idk, makes me feel warmer. Anyway, if the neck of the dress is important to you, then the decision is yours...lol ^_^

-Sleeve and sleeveless cowl necks are available in stores; if you want sleeveless then a nice jacket will go with that--bold colored or the classic, simple black.
-Again, leggings are optional! 
-SHOOOOOOOEEEES!!! OMG, I love shoes lol. Combats go great with these--in my opinion, you may think it doesn't--If you wanna dazzle it up, then go with studded. Easy and cute.

3. Belted-
So, I've seen a lot of sweater dresses with belts lately, and I find it very cute. Either big or small, over the top or simple, belted dresses are very stylish. If you want belted, then this one is for you.

-The belt for this ruffle shoulder dress is small and simple. You could either take that one of and add a bigger one to make the waist seem smaller, or keep as is. Either way, it'll look cute.
-I find that dresses like these need a seriously girly touch to them, so why not lace leggings?!?! Super adorable and--when it's warmer--less chances of get a cold.
-Bootie heels are very cute with this outfit, or flats. You know, it could go either way, both will work.

4. Bright Pattern-
I love this one the most and it's my favorite cause I have a thing for patterns. But anyway, for those that think winter clothes only have one color pallet and only sticks to one type of color mostly; its so NOT true. You can always find something that gives it a pop of color.

-If you like this type of pattern, choose a color that you feel most comfortable with or one that is your signature color. 
-Take that color that stands out in the sweat(like shown in the set) and add some pants that matches! Or, you could always do the black or the gray--heck, white even! Anything that you believe matches the pattern of the sweater and your own personal style.
-Lastly, booties are still a fav. Any shoe can go really, even converse! I mean, hey, go big or go home.

Okay guys, I hoped this helped you out a little bit and let me know if there are any tips you want me to do by going to my page(@itsdanimonique) or here, on the the tip chickas account!

Have a great Fall and Winter! lol

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