So yes I went shopping with my friends yesterday! I got a ton of stuff and I tried to get more for my money by shopping sales, so since nothing was too expensive I decided to make a haul!
Forever 21. 
-Dove printed high low skirt. I love high low skirts. (They’re a recent obsession) so I got a lot of those from here. $20. Adorable!
-Coral bodycon skirt $6. Such a good basic and I love coral. 
-Mint green lace skirt $18. I can’t believe I didn’t have a short mint skirt until yesterday!
-Navy and white striped high low skirt $20. This is just amazing. I’m wearing this tomorrow. Even if its cold.
-Lace high low skirt. $20 A closet staple.
-Leopard print high low skirt. $23. I saw something similar in a magazine and since then I’ve been on the search for one of these. So happy to finally have one.
-Coral high low skirt $13. Nice to always have a basic.
-Diamond print pants. $18. Why must they have such cool pants? I only bought one pair because I had to control myself somewhere.
-Mint polka dot high low dress $23. You know I hardly ever get dresses from here. Either the bust fits weird and I have to wear a tank top under or the quality is horrible, but eh I just couldn’t resist this dress. Sigh.
-Cat print sweater $15. I love finding those random things that they only have like 1 of. This is actually in a size large, but who cares? It has cats on it. I think I might give it to Tori, but I do love the print. Sigh what to do?
-Polka dot sweater (one in pink and white and one in black and white) $18 each. Cute, basic, and they look like the J.Crew ones. Awesome!
-Black lace top sweater. $18. I think this is cool, but it is a little on the edgy side for me. Not sure how to style it.
-Two leopard sweater $18. How cool is this? I thought it was so retro.
-Mint slashed shoulder sweater. $20. I saw something like this in a magazine and I just loved it. Now I have one yay!
-Mint green peter pan collar (with sequins!). $20. I love this. There is nothing more to say.
-Yellow peter pan collar top. $20.
-Blue shirt (it has silver points on the collar) $16. I always wanted one of these, so glad I finally found one.
-Hot Pink sandals $13. I hardly ever see shoes at my Forever 21 and I love their sandals so I had to get these, plus I’ve always wanted a pair of the jelly looking sandals!
-Square ring set. $5 They have a ton of ring sets! (and I bought quite a few of them) Which I was so excited about because I’ve been wanting some, but unlike Tori I refuse to pay $30 for them at topshop.
-Black heart ring set $5. 
-Etched ring set $5. 
***They also have the awesomest spike ring! However I don’t think it would be very safe, especially since my sister has a 6 month old baby,so I didn’t get it.***
-Coral triangle earrings $4. These are so vintage and cute!
-Stud earring set of 3 $4. I always buy a stud earring set when I go to XXII and this one is great for spring! They are in white, coral, and light blue.
-Black and gold chain bracelet $7. I don’t have a bracelet like this and I think it would make a good layering bracelet.
-Black and white stretchy bracelet $9. I love this! Its so retro, yet trendy right now too. It will look so cool with a black blazer and jeans!
-Mint quilted bag. $25. XXII is my go to purse store. I love their quilted bags!
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