A sad day for tributes, @luv-peeta-mellark and @taylorswiftlover-anna and @rueluver78 were in a tree they all were frightened a bit @rueluver78 had a axe and a knife in her hand with two knives in her belt, @luv-peeta-mellark had 2 axes in her hand. @taylorswiftlover-anna had her weapons in hand. They see @effietrinket16 and @nerdygirlytomboy42 walk benieth them @rueluver78 covers @luv-peeta-mellark mouth, @effietrinket16 spots them she shoots 2 arrows @rueluver78 leg and throws a knife at her stomach. @taylorswiftlover-anna got feriouse she throws her axe @effietrinket16 face and stomache she falls to the ground face first you hear a cannon. @nerdygirlytomboy42 throws a a knife @taylorswiftlover-anna leg and runs offs @taylorswiftlover-anna screams and hold the bloody wound and puts medicine on it and wraps it. @luv-peeta-mellark holds @rueluver78 head and cries, she tells her thank you for everything, (this deaths is kinda like rues) @rueluver78 tells @luv-peeta-mellark softly "you have to win" you hear a cannon, she shuts @rueluver78 eyes. @taylorswiftlover-anna kisses her forehead and says good bye.
What next tributes? Its getting darker outside?
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