**Edited-- deleted items. Shit like this makes me hate polyvore.

There was going to be a long, elaborate rant about layout stealing and how I understand that it is petty and should not get angry about it, but it's fucking irksome. So shortened it, enjoy:
Seriously, is it that hard to simply write "layout credit: @etchasketchinlola?" I don't even understand why someone would want this layout but clearly you do. And I get it, it's polyvore and people are bound to have similar layouts but when it comes to the point where people are taking items from my sets and then creating sets that [inch by inch] look exactly like mine, it gets really fucking irritating. When it's that similar, you CLEARLY looked at my set. So why not just give me credit? 

As I said, I know it's petty. So I actually deleted a lot of this rant and just left the nicer bits. 

Anyway... toodle-oo!
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