Fashion week craze still following you around? Well don't put your VOGUE's down just yet because all the socialites were invited to be models in the charity runway that is going against bullying. All girls are required to go, despite being a black sheep or the perfect socialite, you wouldn't want bad press! Each girl will get a word assigned to them (list following) and the socialite is expected to pick an outfit describing the word. This is fashion so go all out - especially since photographers, paparazzi's, and writers will be flanking the front row. After your debut on the runway kick back and enjoy some drinks at the upstairs bar.

Lily C - Natural


I find fashion week to be exhausting. Exhausting and superfluous. It’s a week of skinny girls walking around in overpriced clothes which I, unfortunately, am forced to cover. The only exciting part is that certain charities occasionally allow me to walk in their benefit shows. 

I sat in the back seat of a car, squeezed between Peter and my assistant Lauren. She wouldn’t accompany us to the show, but decided to share a ride on the way to picking up my dry cleaning. Before pulling up to the venue I reminded her to do a search on Greg Calvary. She nodded without taking her eyes off of her blackberry’s keypad. I don’t think she realized why finding this man was so important to me. 

Inside of the dressing room was a group of girls prepping for the minute they’d each have in the spotlight. I was already wearing my ‘natural’ outfit and just needed a few seconds to do my makeup. Luckily my designated style left me with plenty of time to make the rounds and ask questions. 

The first girl on my list was Sawyer. She had helped organize the Dior show and could probably give some insight as to what made fashion week such an interesting phenomenon for so many people. 

“Sawyer, do you have a minute?”

She looked annoyed for a moment before remembering that she should at least pretend to play nice for the press. 

“Of course. Ask me anything.”

“Well, as someone who has to work during fashion week, how do you balance fun and stress?”

“It’s all about knowing who your friends are. I like to keep my girls around at all times, they’re awesome de-stressers.”

“And do you think mixing friendship and work is a good idea?”

I asked the question without thinking about the last gossip list. It probably wasn’t the most couth question, but I went with it.

“It is when the friend is mature enough. No further questions.”

I smiled to myself and moved on. It wasn’t the hard hitting journalism that I’d dreamt of doing back in college, but it would do. I saw a piece of female relationships in the business world forming before my very own eyes. 

I approached Erica next. She intrigued me, she didn’t quite fit with the rest of the girls. I asked if I could have a quick sound bite and she graciously agreed. I had been dying to speak to a tattoo artist about the lack of feminine energy in their field.

“Not very many girls are doing tattoos, which is too bad. It’s an amazing medium. At the same time you can’t feel sorry for yourself. You have to go in and be like, ‘yeah I’m a girl and yeah I’m a better designer than you.’”

Her French accent made the quote even better. I quickly rushed over to Ava with the hopes of questioning her on her decisions to pave her own path instead of following the one that her parents laid out.

Before I could speak she held up a finger, the international ‘shush’ signal.

“I know better than anyone that you should never speak to the press whilst focusing on a different task. If you’d like to interview me you can set something up with my people, I’d love to talk when I’m more prepared.”

I nodded understandingly. It was a bit rude, but I respected the fact that she wanted to maintain her image for work reasons, and I definitely wanted to take her up on that offer.

I figured that Vanessa would be more willing to speak to me; her wedding excitement was probably searching for an outlet. 

I was right, I asked a couple of basic bridal questions and she responded very well. I decided to ask something harder and more relevant to the topic I was covering- relationships in the business world. 

“Now, you’re a very successful young women, do you think that getting married will have a negative impact on your career?”

“I don’t see how my work and love lives are related.”

“There seems to be a trend of independent women delaying traditional domestic lives. Do you think that entering such a serious relationship this quickly, and at your age, will reflect negatively upon you.”

The question probably had a bit too much of my own anti-marriage opinion.

“I don’t think about it. Anyone who has a problem with me or my fiancé needs to mind their own business.”

With that she walked away

We got called onto the stage before I could pester anyone else. I suddenly felt really nervous. It had been a year since the first and last time I’d done something like this. Vanessa was behind me in the line and for a moment I considered apologizing for my question, but there was no time.

I was about halfway down the runway and parallel with Vanessa when the worst happened. One second I was coolly making my way towards the end, and the next I was flat on my aass. I got up without much of a fuss and made my way backstage. 

Mia was already back there. I tried to brush past her and hide my embarrassment, but I managed to hear her whisper something under her breath,

“and that’s why you don’t mess with Vanessa.”

I kept going until I made it to the exit. 

Peter was already standing outside of the stage door with open arms. I ran into them and finally felt like I could let my guard down. He kissed my forehead and assured me that everyone would forget my stumble by tomorrow morning. I didn’t bother saying anything back. I felt like we’d been standing there forever when he finally said something else.

“I’ve got some more news.”

I pulled away from his embrace so that I could look him in the eye.

“Lauren found Greg Calvary.”


As always, let me know if you need me to change anything.

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