I finally hit 100. Definition of Self Doll *, which is suppose to reflect all the different parts of my personality and self. I did my best to include as much as I could within the fifty limit range. 
I always felt like an odd person, I am the only artist in my family. Art has helped me define myself ever since I was eight years old. I wasn't popular in school but I was talented with art: drawing, sculpting, & painting. I was bullied and I would escape into drawing. Usually when someone saw what I could do...they would be mesmerized and the bullying would stop. I literally would have crowds of people around me just to watch me draw. 

As an adult, I like a variety of things. My style is Nerdy, Rock star. I'm a huge fan of science fiction/Fantasy: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland. And I have always loved Vampire, Supernatural fiction/TV. I am currently writing my first novel around some of those themes. I want to master the Art of writing, now. I am a big dreamer and I am looking forward to when I can share my dreams with the rest of the world.
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