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Hunger Games
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welcome to hunger games!
well, of course this is a hunger games fan club, so if your a fan, join! everyone is welcome to post sets about anything hunger games! please keep all sets about the hunger games trilogy, the hunger games movie, the hunger games movie cast and ANYTHING hunger gamesy.
ALL hunger games fans are welcome here, and all sets are appreciated. whether your one of them clato shippers, hayffie shippers, gadge shippers and yes, even glato shippers. and let's not forget everlark shippers too. as i said before, all hunger games fans are welcome here. :)
previous victors of our games:
• @nofears - D6 [4th of november, 2012]
• @samdewees - D2 [27th of december, 2012]
happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favour! <3
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