For some tributes it was a easy day. @nerdygirlytomboy42 was safe on her small island until she heard footsteps and saw @smartcookie she threw a knife to her head and heard a cannon she took her knife and cleaned after, and sat in her small shelter. @mockingjay101 finds a cave near the beach and goes looking for food she finds a small tribute @rueluver78 and become allies and have a safe night from harm. @district-four-tribute runs and finds a hole to stay in, inside the palm tree forest. @clove2cato and @cleo-is-a-dinosaur sat near the beach hidden they see a island a little out beyond the ocean they think thats where they will go next. @ilyfied runs into the palm trees and heres careers she gets scared cause she is unarmed. @sonic-rainboom and @luv-peeta-mellark and @plasticlizard022 see @ilyfied @luv-peeta-mellark throws her axe at her face and heres a cannon. Then search for others. @denisgalv stays on the beach. @curious-goerge13 stays near the beach. What next tributes.
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May the odds be ever in your favor...
Thank you! :) <3
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