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  • Movie review: ‘Hunger Games’ more setup than payoff | The Salt Lake Tribune
    There’s a battle raging at the heart of “The Hunger Games,” and I’m not talking about the barely safe-for-PG-13 bloodbath that’s the focus of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel. No, the battle that informs this adaptation is between the filmmakers’ intent to create a moneymaking franchise to rival the “Twilight” films and the efforts of star Jennifer Lawrence — as teen fighter Katniss Everdeen — to create a compelling movie that’s more than just a platform for future sequels. In this effort, alas, the odds are not in Lawrence’s favor. Director Gary Ross, sharing writing credit with Collins and Billy Ray (“State of Play”), takes a good hour establishing Collins’ bleak setting: the totalitarian North American nation of Panem, where people in the outlying districts live in poverty while residents in The Capitol luxuriate in wealth and really awful hairstyles.
  • Dragon Age Inquisition Xbox 360 Deluxe Edition Dragon Age Inquisition - Xbox 360 Deluxe Edition: Video Games
  • Learn How to Create Katniss's Iconic Hunger Games Braid
    The Hunger Games won't be in cinemas until March, but thanks to the movie's lead stylist, Linda Flowers, you can get Katniss Everdeen's signature undone braid right now. "The key to pulling off this style is being creative," Flowers says.
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    Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks Hunger Games
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  • Star Crossed Lovers from District 12-The Hunger Games /
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    This is a meme I just thought of… I would LOVE to see everyone do this. I'm really interested in backgrounds behinds things, and what makes things (and people) tick. It's a really good thought exercise too (an easy relaxing one), and for my part, it put me in a really good mood to think about all of these things. So please, if you decide to do this meme, come here and let me know so I can read about you too! :D I was looking around at things in my office and also looked over at the items I have so far accumulated for my daughter and got to wondering why I am the way I am, and why I like the things I like. I wonder about that… and also how I'm going to potentially be shaping my daughter based on what I expose her too in early childhood and childhood (and the different branches those things can take as she ages… like I did). I realized that, as I organized what I felt were the "major" influences in my life, thoughts, desires, ideals, and perceptions up until adulthood, I was basically set forth on this path since early childhood. Everything I loved, and added onto, and built up to all have common threads among them. Nothing about me now is a surprise, when you see my roots like this. I am of course leaving A LOT out here, but I tried to narrow down what I thought were the major things that "grabbed" me and/or influenced me in different ways as I grew up. I'll probably add to this if I wake up tomorrow morning and think "Omg how could I forget that" but… I think, for the most part these are some of the main forces of note behind my personality. The other thing I'm expecting from this (my hypothesis, if you want to call it) is that there will be people who see this and have very similar lists to mine (especially in that Childhood section, lol, no doubt... 80s kid what what!), but which took them in totally different directions as they grew up. That is what I am MOST interested to see. The commonalities, and the differences. Early Childhood: - Winnie the Pooh - The Wizard of Oz - Duplos - Bears & Rag Dolls - Lavender (color) - My pastel, rainbow colored, patchwork baby blanket "Blankey" Childhood: - Punky Brewster - Rainbow Brite - Unico - Watership Down (the book AND the movie) - Australia (because of all the "neat" animals) - Super Mario - Nintendo and Game Boy in general - Legos - Rainbows in general - Christmas, Halloween, and Easter - Christmas tree lights and ornaments (I would sit and play with them) - Trick-or-treating (I should write about this particular thing, I want to know if my experience with this as a child was the same for everyone else, or I just had an ovely complex or vivid imagination, lol) - Back to the Future - Goonies - Foxes and cats - Hello Kitty and My Melody - Piano, tap dancing, swimming, writing (fiction) - Animals in general, facts about animals - My Little Pony, Lady Lovely Locks, Keypers, Sweet Secrets, Popples … etc etc - Cereal box toys / figures - Nickleodeon - Blankey - Lavender and blue-green - My cat Puska (pronounced Puss-kah … as in, short for "pussy cat") Preteen & Early Teens: - Sailormoon - Ranma 1/2 - Urusei Yatsura - Manga in general - Japanese language - Japan and China (aesthetics, like lanterns and kimonos) - Pokemon (the video game) - Game Boy in general - Foxes and cats - Kitchen, NP, & Lizard - Banana Yoshimoto in general - Inline speed skating, track running - Web design (mostly thought about the content) - History of geology (like Pangea) and ancient animals - Nick At Night - Shonen Knife - Metallica - Blue-green - Blankey - Puska - THE INTERNET Mid to Late Teens: - Sailormoon - Manga in general - Japanese language - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami in general - Writing (fiction) - Judy and Mary / YUKI - The Yellow Monkey, B'z, GLAY, Ohguro Maki, Aikawa Nanase… etc - Web design (started thinking more about the graphics), Photoshop etc… - Foxes, cats, and rabbits - Biology and genetics - Coral pink and teal - Blankey - Puska - THE INTERNET Early Adulthood up to NOW: - Basically all of everything above in varying degrees and ways… PLUS - Blogging - Traveling arou
  • The Hunger Games
    "Why does Rue have to be black?" wonders one fan, arguing that the ethnicity of the child actress playing the pivotal role "ruined the movie"
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  • Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games (2012)
    Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games (2012)
  • Atka the Sitting Plush Wolf by Douglas at Stuffed Safari
    Howl at the moon with Atka the Sitting Plush Wolf by Douglas. It's easy to warm up to this adorable ten inch sitting stuffed wolf. Atka has soft and short gray kohair fur with a white chest and muzzle with tan accents that create a highly realistic
  • Katniss Makes an Impression on the Gamemakers in New Clip from ‘The Hunger Games’
    Alas, we finally have our first clip from The Hunger Games! Don't get us wrong, we love all the trailers and promos, but to see more of one scene is amazing. The first clip was released by Capitol TV last night and shows Katniss in the training center where she's trying to show the Gamemakers and potential sponsors her skills. Unfortunately, the Gamemakers are more concerned with their roasted pig, but not after Katniss is done with them. Check out the amazing clip below! What scene from the book are you most excited to see on the big screen?
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