District 1
Female: Kiera Moore (18)
Male: Dylan O'Conner (16)
Every since I woke up this morning, I've been super excited, it's time for the reaping and this years it's my turn to volunteer. My boyfriend, William, won the game 5 years ago, and his been training me since I was 14 years old. Before I sign in, William gives me a necklace, "For luck" he says and gives me a kiss. It's in platinum with pearls and really beautiful. I give him a huge hug and then goes to get signed in.

We're all standing in our zones (based on age and gender), waiting for it to start... On the stage there is a lot of famous people, the Mayor, a few victors (William is one of them) and Devin Larkensen, the escort.

"Welcome, welcome, welcome. Today we're going to select the boy and girl who will represent District 1 in this years Hunger Games!" Devin's voice calls our through the speakers, and everyone starts to clap their hand and sheering. "But first, let's Watch a movie from the Capital.

The same movie that they show every year starts rolling on the screens, but I just love it...

"Now we will start with the girls..." Devin picks up a piece of paper and reads the name on it. "Renee Denver!"

"I volunteer!" I shout and walk with my head high up on the stage.

"Hello there, what's your name?"

"Kiera Moore."

"I just have to say that I love your dress, Kiera. I wish you the best of luck!" I give Devin a warm smile and goes over and stands to Devin's left. "On to the boys then... Roger Thimmer!"

"I voluteer!" Someone shouts from the crowd. A young boy, probably not older then 16, walks up to the stage and stands next to Devin.

"Hello, What's your name?"

"I'm Dylan O'Conner, son of Erica O'Conner, Victor of the 69th Hunger Game." One of the women in the victor crowd, walks up to Dylan, looking extremely proud. Then Dylan stands next to me, and Erica rejoins the rest of the victors.

"There you have them, this years tributes, Kiera and Dylan! May one of them have the strength to defeat the others and return as a victor, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

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