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♥ Poupées et de l'art ♥ ™

♥ Poupées et de l'art ♥ ™

Art And Doll Sets Welcomed.Fashion Sets Welcomed If it Has A Doll Or Some Form Of Art Featured.
There will be a doll/ artist/fashionista member
featured every week.
You do have to be a contest
winner to be featured.
Just make really creative sets and it just may get featured.
Set of the week:
CHECK their Work Out!!!

Elite Night ♥ ~SPONSORED~

Elite Night ♥ ~SPONSORED~

Join group to win prizes and trophies!!
We have a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS unless otherwise noted.!!
Goals - 2,000 members
Members of the week.
Set of the week:
made by @luciabelen-26
Member of The Week:

Check their work out!!
This is a place to let your creativity shine -

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