Hurom Premium Slow Juicer And Smoothie Maker
  • Hurom HG Elite Slow Juicer
    For the true juicing aficionado, the HG Elite offers peak performance in pure juice extraction. The slow-masticating juicer is the most efficient Hurom yet, delivering even more juice and less waste while working at only 43 RPM. It also features a simplified design that makes cleanup easier than ever. Second-generation slow-masticating electric juicer features a unique low-speed mechanism to cold-press every drop of juice from foods. New Slow Squeezing Technology uses a double-winged, double-grooved auger to first crush food and then press it to ensure the maximum possible juice yield with minimal oxidation. Works with fruits (even ripe bananas and soft, delicate berries), vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans to create nutritious juices, nut milks, tofu, and more. Auto-Pulp feature ejects pulp automatically when no more juice can be extracted and opens fully for easy cleanup at the sink. Fine strainer is designed for harder and more fibrous foods; coarse strainer works with softer foods. System reduces waste and energy usage, using only 150 watts of power. Advanced self-cleaning feature and simplified internal components with fewer moving parts make the machine easier to clean. Ultra-quiet motor works efficiently without heat buildup.
  • Hurom Premium Slow Juicer & Smoothie Maker
    Savor the best of healthy, whole-food juicing with a state-of-the-art machine that has an extra "smoothie" basket for creating purees and juice blends—plus a special feature for customizing the amount of pulp in your juice. Designed for top efficiency, this compact slow-masticating juicer delivers 35% more juice and maintains up to 60% more vitamins from certain fruits and vegetables. Extracting the most beneficial nutrients from fresh fruit and vegetables, this slow-masticating electric juicer has a unique low-speed mechanism to process foods with maximum efficiency. Two-stage low-speed system first crushes the food, then presses it to ensure the highest juice yield—without aerating the juice. Works with fruits (even ripe bananas and soft, delicate berries), vegetables, wheatgrass, greens, nuts and soybeans to make everything from juices and soups to nut milks and tofu. A lever lets you customize the amount of pulp in your juice—the machine automatically extrudes excess pulp into an internal strainer. Use the extra juicing basket for whole-food juicing and smoothies. Gentle puree action mixes juices together, so you can create your own custom blends. Efficient system is low on waste and electrical draw. Quiet motor works efficiently without heat buildup. Includes pulp extraction plugs, self-cleaning screen holder, two 32-oz. juicing cups, tamper, brush, and instruction manual.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer Slow Juicer Attachment
    Enjoy fresh, healthy juices on demand by turning your KitchenAid stand mixer into a super-efficient slow juicer – all you need is this innovative attachment. Harnessing your mixer's powerful motor, it extracts juices to your specifications. Use the mixer's speed lever to precisely control the rate of juicing, and choose from three filters to customize the amount of pulp in your juice. Presses fruit, vegetables, greens and nuts to make everything from fresh, wholesome juices to creamy nut milks. Two-stage low-speed system first crushes the food, then presses it to produce the highest juice yield. Efficient slow-juicing action extracts maximum nutrients from your food. Control the rate of juicing by using the speed lever on your mixer. Extra-wide Tritan feed tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables, minimizing prep time. Drip-stop helps ensure the neatest juicing.
  • KitchenAid Slow Juicer and Sauce Attachment
    Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet with this attachment that turns any KitchenAid stand mixer into an ultra-efficient juicer. Because the attachment utilizes your KitchenAid’s powerful motor, the juicer itself is small and compact—no need for a bulky separate appliance. Easily adjust juicing speed with the mixer’s control lever and fine-tune the amount of pulp in your juice with three different filters. A versatile kitchen tool, slow juicers make not only juice, but also creamy nut milks or mouthwatering jellies and jams. Manufacturer: KitchenAid. Includes: Attachment, 3 filters. Material: Stainless steel, plastic (BPA free) Care: Hand wipe unit clean. Removable components are dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 9.65" x 11.6" Weight: 4.8 lb. Warranty: 1-year warranty. Made in China. FEATURES: Extra-wide feed tube accommodates large pieces of fruit and vegetables to reduce prep-time and the need to pre-cut ingredients. Three pulp screens make it easy to adjust the amount of pulp in your juice or sauce. Stainless steel blade pre-cuts ingredients prior to juicing to reduce jamming and to ensure full extraction. Low speed juicing maximizes extraction by crushing food to a pulp, then pressing it.
  • Omega® Silver Mega Mouth Juicer
    The Omega Mega Mouth juicer is designed for high-capacity juicing, with a ½- horsepower commercial-quality motor and an extra-large Mega Mouth feed chute for larger portions. Manufacturer: Omega. Material: BPA-free plastic. Care: Wash removable parts with hot water, or in top rack of dishwasher at low temperature. Wipe the rest of the unit clean with a damp cloth. Dimensions: 8" x 2½" x 15" Wattage: 375 watts. Warranty: 10-year warranty. Made in Korea. FEATURES: Continuous, pulp-ejection-style juicer is found in restaurants and juice bars across the country. Saves prep time and is easy to operate, with only one switch. Makes quick work of even whole fruits. Automatic pulp-ejection system and pulp catch basket for easy cleanup. Heavy-duty stainless steel blade and basket. Built for years of frequent use.
  • Cuisinart® Compact Juice Extractor, Black
    Turn fruits and vegetables into tasty and nutritious juice in seconds with the touch of a single button. Powerful, easy and quiet, the juice pitcher holds up to 16 ounces of juice and can be replaced for uninterrupted juicing. The pulp container collects up to 40 ounces and is removable for easy cleaning. The food pusher fits securely into feed tube to guide fruits and vegetables properly while juicing. A large feed tube minimizes prepping and pre-cutting, and the adjustable flow spout is manually controlled to prevent dripping. The mesh filter basket and blade assembly grinds fruits and vegetables to extract the maximum amount of juice and easily separates pulp. Mesh filter basket is removable for easy cleanup. Cleaning brush included. BPA free. Yields 16 ounces of juice; pulp container collects 40 ounces
  • Hurom Slow Juicer
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    Slow & steady wins in your space. Using patented Low Speed Technology, this juicer operates at 80 Rpm with only 150 watts of power and still manages to extract even more juice at an even faster rate, expel a drier pulp and preserve the most vitamins and minerals. A compact and lightweight design operates at an almost silent noise level and transforms your space into a true health zone. 10-year limited warranty. Models HRM0022, HRM0021 & Hu-100W.
  • Breville Hemisphere Twist Blender
    From frosty margaritas to fresh fruit smoothies, your favorite blender drinks take on lively new flavors with a bright twist of citrus. The Hemisphere Twist offers powerful blending action plus a unique lid that lets you squeeze fresh citrus juice directly into smoothies, cocktails and more. The Mini-Hemisphere bowl and blade system ensures fast, efficient blending for uniformly smooth consistency every time. Lid combines a citrus cone with a special opening that adds fresh juices directly into the blender. Add other ingredients during blending by removing the reamer. Mini Hemisphere system features central blades to draw down what’s on top—and wide sweeping blades to hug the bottom of the pitcher. Powerful motor delivers four variable speeds, plus crushed ice, smoothie and pulse settings. Specially designed contoured pitcher and surgical-grade stainless-steel blades create a powerful vortex that produces an exceptionally uniform mixture.
  • Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB, Noble Silver with Cookbook
    Whip up juices, smoothies, baby food, soups and sauces with Hurom's ultra-efficient juicer. Its new twin-winged auger and advanced auto-pulp feature is designed for maximum, efficient juice extraction. Warranty Information. Plastic/silicone/stainless steel. Hand wash. Imported. 15.5 X 11.75 x 13.75" Patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) makes the HH Elite even easier to use and clean. Efficiently juices hard and soft fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. 150 Watt, ultra-quiet 40 RPM AC induction motor. Improved double-bladed and double-grooved auger for maximum efficiency. Easy-close hopper that works in two positions. Juice cap for drip-free pouring. Large Tritan magnetic safety bowl with measuring scal. 2 Improved Ultem strainers for fine & coarse; 2 advanced cleaning brushes; recipe book. Manufacturer's 10 year limited motor warranty; 2 year limited parts warranty.
  • Omega® Vertical Masticating Juicer
    The Omega Vertical Masticating juicer juices anything from apple slices and leafy vegetables to celery and wheatgrass at a very high yield. Manufacturer: Omega. Includes: Juicer and two juicing screens. Material: BPA-free plastic. Care: Wash removable parts with hot water, or in top rack of dishwasher at low temperature. Wipe the rest of the unit clean with a damp cloth. Dimensions: 7" x 8½" x 15½" Wattage: 150 watts. Warranty: 10-year warranty. Made in Korea. FEATURES: For low-speed juicing. Juice bars across the country use this machine. Keeps more enzymes and vitamins than other units, for healthier juice. Juice stays fresher longer. Eliminates heat buildup. Low 80 RPM for quiet operation. Auto-cleaning system reduces clogging.
  • Hurom Premium Slow Juicer and Smoothie Maker
    The revolutionary design of the Hurom Premium Slow Juicer & Smoothie Maker allows the patented technology to be packed in a beautiful housing with a smaller footprint. Enjoy the amount of pulp in your juice with a patented pulp control lever.
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  • Fagor Slow Juicer
    They say good things come to those who wait, and that’s especially true with this efficient juicer. Operating at a slower speed, its two-stage process gently squeezes juice from fruits and vegetables, preserving more of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients. Running on just 150 watts at 80–90 RPM ensures the noise level is greatly reduced. Compact size fits easily under most kitchen cabinets. Cleanup couldn’t be simpler: just pour water through the juicer to rinse or easily disassemble for more thorough cleaning. Food-grade auger and filter are FDA safe and BPA free. Includes: Juicer, 1-liter pulp collector, 1-liter juice collector, instructional DVD and manual, recipe booklet, and cleaning brush. 12" x 14". 9 lbs
  • HH Series Premium Slow Juicer & Smoothie Maker
    The Hurom HH Series Premium Slow Juicer & Smoothie Maker is durable, versatile, and one of our customers' favorite juicers. Its powerful motor can handle most fruits, vegetables and nuts, giving you plenty of opportunity to create your own unique flavor blends and healthy concoctions. Juice bananas, strawberries and kiwi for a delicious fruit blend, or mix kale, wheat grass, almonds and soybeans for a health-focused beverage that's refreshing, too. Use the Slow Juicer to make refreshing fruit smoothies. Because the Hurom uses cold-press technology, you'll get more nutrients and enzymes in your beverage than from smoothies made in a traditional blender. This Hurom juicer also allows you to regulate how much pulp your finished beverage contains through the use of both fine and coarse strainers and an easy-to-use pulp control slide lever. Best Used For: Use fresh or frozen fruits to make delicious smoothies, or use your own combination of fruits, vegetables and nuts for a healthy juice beverage. Mixed drinks and purees are also easy to make with the Hurom Slow Juicer. Features: Powerful 150-watt motor that features quiet operation. Two Ultem strainers to accommodate both juicing and smoothies. Large magnetic safety bowl with handy measuring scale to prevent waste. Advanced self-cleaning feature with two cleaning brushes to make cleanup easy. Pulp control slide level. Juice cap, hopper lid, and nesting pulp and juice containers for easy storage. Dual-stage operation with continuous juice extraction for efficient juicing. Capacity: 32-oz. Cleaning & Care: Simply rinse with water between juicing, and take it apart easily for effortless cleaning. Height: 15.67-in. Material: BPA Free Plastic. Origin: South Korea. Volts/Watts: 150 Watts. Warranty: 10 Year Motor Warranty/1 Year Other Parts. Weight: 13.40-lbs. Width: 6.57-in.
  • Crate & Barrel Breville ® Compact Juice Fountain
    Compact on the counter, this powerful extractor gobbles whole fruits and vegetables, outputs fresh juice. Beneath the industrial-look exterior lies a heavy-duty motor and unique cyclonic juicing system that's 10 times faster than other juicing systems. Patented 3" feed tube takes on whole produce, which the patented knife centers over the cutter. Micro-mesh filter increases yield by up to 30% more juice extraction than traditional juicers, and a froth filter in the pitcher ensures you get just the juice. Breville® and other Wedding Registry offers
  • Silver 32-oz. Slow Juicer
    Mix up any combination of raw ingredients and enjoy a fresh-squeezed, healthy juice with the 32-ounce Hurom Slow Juicer. Capacity: 32-oz. Cleaning & Care: Simply rinse with water between juicing, and take it apart easily for effortless cleaning daily. Diameter: 6.81-in. Height: 15.83-in. Material: Ultem Plastic, BPA-Free Plastic. Origin: Korea. Warranty: 10-yr. motor, 1-yr. other parts. Weight: 14.2-in. Width: 9.84-in.
  • Crate & Barrel Breville ® Elite Juice Fountain
    Powerful, efficient and cleverly designed, this "fountain" juicer extracts eight ounces of juice in five seconds, right into the one-liter juice jug with froth separator. Over 40,000 filtering pores, 1,000 watts of power, and up to 13,000 RPM produce up to 30% more smooth, delicious juice extraction than traditional juicers. Dual-speed motor handles hard fruits and veggies like apples and beets on the high setting, softer foods like greens and melons on low. Rugged titanium cutting disk can juice pineapple with the rind on. Extra-large 3" feed tube means less chopping. Breville® and other Wedding Registry offers
  • Hurom Premium Slow Juicer Model HU-700 with Cookbook
    Hurom's silent, compact premium juicer juices fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts and soy for delicious homemade juices, sauces, marinades, baby foods and more. Warranty Information. GE Ultem Plastic. Hand wash. Imported. 9.75" F x 6.75" W x 15.75" H. Slow Squeezing System. Energy-efficient design uses only 150W. Tritan® magnetic safety bowl with measuring scale. Pulp control lever and juice cap. Nesting juice and pulp containers. Two cleaning brushes. Coarse and fine strainers. Included cookbook features 100 recipes for juices, smoothies and more. Manufacturer's limited 10-year motor warranty; 2-years parts warranty.
  • Breville® Juice Fountain Duo
    This countertop fountain is like having a juice bar in your kitchen. This innovative gadget allows juicing and puréeing in one commercial-grade machine—start your day with some fresh orange or carrot juice, have a bright gazpacho soup for lunch, or enjoy a sweet peach sorbet for dessert. Variable-speed juicer extracts the maximum amount of juice no matter the food being juiced—from soft, delicate berries to crisp apples and dense, leafy greens. Manufacturer: Breville. Material: Metal. Care: Hand wash removable components in warm soapy water. Juice cover, filter bowl surround, pulp container, purée disc, Nutri Disc™ and Juice Jug are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 19" x 17.4" x 10" Capacity: 1.2 L (34-oz.) juice jug; 3 L (101-oz.) pulp container. Watts: 1200 W. Warranty: 1-year limited warranty. Made in Korea. FEATURES: Heavy-duty die-cast metal body. Three-inch feed tube allows processing of many whole fruits without the need for pre-chopping. Electronic five-speed dial allows you to match the speed to the food being juiced for maximum juice yield. Purée disk insert retains fiber-rich pulp for thick fruit smoothies, healthy green smoothies, dips, sauces, soups and sorbets.
  • Black 32-oz. Slow Juicer
    The Hurom Slow Juicer is the best-selling juice extractor that uses the patented Low Speed Technology System (LSTS) to juice fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy, which no high-speed juicer can handle. It is called a 'Slow Juicer' because it operates at only 80 RPM and uses a mere 150 Watts of energy, instead of 1,000-24,000 RPM and up to 1,500 WATTs of energy like a typical centrifugal juicer. The Slow Juicer actually juices faster than most typical juicers and expels much drier pulp with a mugh higher yield. The Slow Juicer technology works like a mortar and pestle, "cold-pressing" and squeezing the food to retain vitamins and enzymes. Lab tests show that the HUROM preserves more vitamins and minerals than with high-speed juicers because there is no heat and less friction/damage during the juicing process. You can make everything from delicious juices and soymilks to nut milks, cocktails, sauces, marinades, babyfood, and ice cream. Each Hurom Slow Juicer comes with a copy of "100 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Juicer" recipe book, which includes recipes for everything from juices and sauces to baby food and recipes using the pulp from juicing. Capacity: 32-oz. Cleaning & Care: Simply rinse with water between juicing, and take it apart easily for effortless cleaning daily. Diameter: 6.81-in. Height: 15.83-in. Material: Ultem Plastic, BPA-Free Plastic. Origin: Korea. Warranty: 10-yrs. motor, 1-yr. other parts. Width: 9.84-in.
  • Cuisinart® Pulp Control Citrus Juicer
    From the smallest lime to the largest grapefruit, this sleek brushed stainless steel citrus juicer gets out more juice more efficiently. An adjustable auto-reversing reamer features three custom pulp-control settings—low, medium, high. The unique Final-Spin feature maximizes the amount of juice from each piece of fruit. The auto-reversing universal juicer cone provides more efficient juicing, and an extra-long Snap-Up spout accommodates more glasses and prevents dripping. The unit’s cover activates the Final-Spin feature and protects against dust. Juicer offers convenient cord storage and comes with juicing recipes. All parts that come into contact with food or liquids are BPA-free. Limited 3-year warranty. Dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze. 12" h x 6½" l x 6½" w; 9 lbs
  • Hurom Slow Juicer with Cookbook
    Named the Best New Kitchen Appliance by a leading magazine for gourmands, this energy-efficient juicer uses a patented low-speed technology system juices everything from fruit and vegetables to nuts and soybeans. All without adding a lot of noise to your kitchen. Lightweight without sharp blades, the juicer uses a two-way extraction method to crush and process the food to release deep-seated nutrients and enzymes, and break up more of the phytonutrients for a richer-colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals. Warranty Information. Plastic. Hand wash. Imported. Clog-free. Automatically separates pulp from juice. 10" X 7" x 16"; weighs only 12 lbs. Includes "100 Gourmet Recipes for the Slow Juicer" cookbook. Rotating brush cleans the bowl while it juices; rinse with water between juicing for effortless cleaning. Limited manufacturer's warranty: 10 year for motor and 1 year for all other parts.
  • Breville 800JEXL Juicer, Juice Fountain Elite
    Sleek design meets healthy living with this stylish and upscale juicer. Die-cast stainless steel body emits contemporary flair. Three-inch circular feed tube minimizes preparation and feeding time. Two-speed settings for soft fruits and hard veggies. Stainless-steel micromesh filter, titanium-plated cutting disk. 1,000-watts, 13,000 rpm at high speed and 6,500 rpm at low speed. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe parts. Includes bonus 1-liter pitcher (34 oz). One-year limited warranty. Model 800JEXL.
  • Krups ZY403851 Definitive Series Stainless Steel Extractor Juicer
    Pop in whole fruit & veggies-soft or hard-and enjoy more juice, more vitamins and more great taste than ever before. This super-powered juice extractor uses a whole fruit feeding tube to integrate your favorite healthy picks and then uses a large pulp container and a foam separator to prep the perfect batch of your favorite flavors. 2-year warranty. Model ZY403851.
  • Bella 13990 5-Speed Digital Juice Station
    It's easier than ever to get the juice. With 5 speeds, a large 3" feed tube & a powerful 1,000 watt motor, this digital juicer extracts even more juice from fruits & veggies of all sizes. A stainless steel jug, foam separator & pulp container take all of the guesswork out of prep work.
  • Waring Pro JEX328 Juicer, Health Juice Extractor
    Drink to your heart's content with this super juicer from Waring. Its ultra-efficient juice extraction method allows you to capture more of the essence of every piece of fruit or vegetable you feed into the machine. Comes with an extra-large, 3-1/2" feed tube and 32 oz. stainless steel juice catcher. Its sleek stainless steel exterior with solid, die-cast base and cushioned feet keep it sitting pretty during operation.
  • Crate & Barrel Breville ® Ikon Juice Fountain
    Extract up to 30% more juice and 40% more nutrients with this power-packed, five-speed juicer that ranges from 6,500 RPM for soft fruits and leafy greens to 12,500 RPM for denser foods. Circular feed tube is 3" wide to accommodate whole fruits; centered dual knife blade, stabilizing knife, extra-large 3.2-qt. pulp container and stainless steel cutting disk are surrounded by an Italian micro-mesh filter. Juice-jug with froth separator has a detachable spout for juicing right into the glass. Safety lock mechanism prevents unsafe operation; interactive LCD display shows speed settings and fruit icons for convenience. Breville® and other Wedding Registry offers