[short and sucky. But i really need to start the November events already. Also, does anyone want to collab for any of them?] 

October 28th;
Clover Harper;

"So, have you and River worked things out yet?" Grace asked eying me as we walked through the pumpkin patch.

I could literally spend hours in a pumpkin patch, but only because i was OCD about finding the perfect one. It's a problem of mine since i was little. 

"We're getting together tomorrow." I informed her while putting the pumpkin i had just picked up back down on the ground. It wasn't the right one for me, "I'm nervous." I admitted. 

"Why?" Grace asked her voice filled with concern, "You two have had fights before and worked things out."

"I know." I sighed, "But this time it felt different." 
I didn't really know how to explain it either. It wasn't like the last fight we had were a day later we were back to being lovey dovey. We had only talked once since the dinner and that was only via text and only to set a time to meet up. Everything about this was screaming break up. 

Grace's face soften, "Now this is just my opinion and i'm just simply putting it out there." Her voice soft as i picked up another pumpkin to inspect.

"Okay, what is it?" I questioned. I had actually wanted all of the girl's opinion on this topic. 

"I think you two should take a break." She said slowly, "You two have been together for three years and i've noticed it's been getting harder on you two to spend time with each other." She explained quickly before i could speak, "It's just my personal opinion though. 

"I don't want to take a break." I said sticking the pumpkin underneath my arm. I had finally found the perfect one, "If he utters the words; 'we should take a break' i'm not going to be one of those couples who call it a break when it's really a break up. If he wants a break then well, it's going to be a break up." I stated blinking back the tears that wanted to ferociously spill from my eyes. 

"Don't cry." Grace said automatically, "You've finally found the perfect pumpkin so see that must be a good sign!" She cried, "And anyway if River wants to break up over something this stupid then it's his loss." She added throwing an arm around my shoulders. 

"Are you two finally ready?" Cloe asked standing with her arms crossed, eying the both of us.
"Calm yourself ginger." Grace joked, "Oh right, sorry." She added shooting me a sheepish grin. 

"It's fine." I laughed waving the comment off. I was use to it by now between her and Aria, i felt like ginger was becoming my new name. 

"Can we make a Starbucks run?" Cole asked after i finished paying for my perfect pumpkin, her best puppy dog face on. 

"Just so you know that doesn't work on me." I laughed, "But sure, why not." I shrugged, "I could use some caffeine right about now." 

Honestly i could use a few things right now but caffeine would be at the top of the list for now. 

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