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hidden village academy

high school students at hidden village thought that they were going to a high end private school in the middle of new york city, but to their surprise walking through those doors made wizards out of muggles. from the outside the school looks completely normal, but from the inside...potions and wands and spell books and much much more. ever wonder how someone became a wizard? hidden village academy is that answer. but what would happen if the school was exposed? if all the hard work the staff and students put out to keep it a secret got spilled? i guess you'll have it see.





name: Kira Holland

age: 18

bio: Kira, she is well out there. Dramatic, witty, quirky, she's all around different. Her bright crazy attire reflects her personality perfectly. Many people don't gravitate towards her since she is more than less socially awkward, but thankfully she is able to manage.

likes: her brothers, sarcasm, irony, funny and clever people, learnig new things, pressure (helps her doing better), dark humor, long nights, book shops, clever jokes, knitwear, libraries, mystery, cats, thunderstorms, lace, freedom, "old times", languages, imagination, literature, gymnastics, marshmallow, theatre, snow, horse riding, reading and books, fog, dogs, spicy foods, rooibos tea, trekking, the moon, fall and winter, bonefires, birds, haunted houses, horses, penaut butter with vegetables, scarry stories, adrenalin, suprises, exciting things, adventures, cooking, halloween, winter sports, vanilla and caramel flavour, secrets, breaking the rules, when something has a deeper meaning (book, film, etc...), sudoku, quotes, crosswords, puzzles, card and board games, listening to the piano and the violin, horse riding, cold

dislikes: bitching, pretending, making big fuss about nothing, failure, snobs, prejudice, sexism, crowds, high heels, girls who act stupid to get others attention, peolple who think they are better because they have money, racist people, skirts, overthinking, grammar and linguistics, dresses,fake personalities, stupid/dumb/meaningless films/books/events, lakes/oceans/seas, boredom, calculating, the color pink and the color gold, stupid/idiot people, ruffles, when somebody is full with itself, too much makeup, feeling like a loser, smartasses, being bossed around, oversensitive people, strawberry flavoured things, shopping clothes, people with no humor, small talks, too prideful people, crying, being weak, being treatened like an idiot, violence, being treatened like nothing, glitter, when she is not taken seriously, cruelity, every food what includes pumpkin, when somebody is insulting her friends or family, vegetable juices, too sweet food

model: Dianna Argon


The door slammed and Sköll finished barking. He growled one last one and layed back next to my leg. I lained down and scratched his ear. Hati didn't even move his head, just yawned a big and closed his eyes.
"You are bad. Just lying there and doing nothing is not your work..." I smiled and scratched his ear too. In that moment, the door opened again and my second oldest brother, Aaron walked into te room.
"What did you do now?" He asked from me siriously, but there was a smile in the corner of his mouth.
"Nothing." I shrugged.
"But, I thought, I heard Sköll..."
"It's not my fault." I shrugged again and turned back to the table, continuing my meal. Rain was pouring outside, the voice of the raindrops on the window was calming and comforting. Aaron took a seat beside me with a deep sigh.
"Really? What now?" He stole a piece of bread from my plate.
"Hey, that's mine!" I tried to get my food back, but my brother just smiled and pulled it away until a distance, where I couldn't reach it.
"You were careless." He grinned, then put into his mouth and swallowed down it happily.
"Hey, what's up?" My oldest brother, Daniel marched into the room. "Food!" He smlied when he saw my plate."Great!"
"Know what?" I took a deep breath and slid the plate away from myself. "I give up. It's all yours. Eat."
"Anytime." I made a face. "Like I've ever had a chance against the two of you."
"Kira kicked out a boy... Again." Aaron informed Daniel.
"Really? Now, because of what?"
"You are not very upset." Aaron critized our brother.
"I didn't like him." Daniel srugged.
"You never like anybody." Aaron and I said in chorus.
Sköll and Hati were already around my brothers, Hati was poking Aaron's leg, wanting a little attention and Sköll's head was in Daniel's lap, he was waiting for some food. The big amreican kitchen became not so empty and cold, like usually, when my broters were at their own places. My father was away because of his work -just like usually, all in my life-, so I was extremly happy when my brothers showed up, one after one. Techincally they raised me -especially Daniel and Aaron-, because we lost our mother when I was three. I think that was what from my father never recovered. I didn't blame him, I accepeted that he is absent from my life. But instead of a father, I got six wonderful brothers, so I couldn't ask for more.
"That was Michael who just rushed away?" Jace and Cyrus appeared in the door.
"It's raining outside." Jace added.
"And?" I asked. "We are not blind, we see that too."
"He left his coat here." He said.
"His own social problem." My short answer came.
"Don't be so cold hearted." Daniel scolded me lightly.
"Oh, you,shut up and eat my food..." I hissed under my breath.
"Already finished with it!" Aaron annouced in a voice like he was on stage and talking to a big audience.
"Okay, okay, I understand. I make some more. Jace, Cy, I know you want some too."
"Yepp." Cyrus sat onto the table. "And Gale will be here soon, too." He added.
"There is a chair next to you." I pointed onto the furntiure.
"I know." He nodded and didn't move an inch.
"Then, sit onto the chair!"
"No." He grinned. "I like it here better. Hati, boy, come here! I have something for you!"
"You are spoiling that dog..." Jace commented, while he was packing out ingredients form the fridge. He was a great cook and I loved cooking wit him, he always had the best taste from us.
"Oh, leave me be!" Cyrus was scratching Hati's ear. "You are a good boy, aren't you? You are looking out for our little sister, don't you?"
"I have to tell you," I put a frying-pan onto the fire "he is not."
"I said I heard Sköll's barking." Aaron nodded.
"You were... you set on the dogs... oh, "Cyrus's eyes widened "so that was why Michael rushed away so suddenly!" He started to laugh. "Kira!"
"Not funny." Jace pulled his eyebrows together.
"Don't worry," I reassured him, "he is okay."
"I'm not so sure about this." He shook his head. "You are always acting so dramatically, Kira... You need to calm down a litte."
"But that's no fun." I pouted.
"What did that poor boy do? Daniel," Jace turned to our brother "you let her did this?"
"I was not here, I didn't like him and I'm sure, Kira had a reason."
"Reason, yes... She always has her reasons."
I put out my tongue and Jace smiled at me.
"Look after your tongue, because it can be easily cut out..." He warned me.
"Whooo, I'm scared." I grinned.
"I was wrong. Not Hati, you are the one who is spolied here."
"Oh, you break my heart." I tried too look like sad, but it was hard with a wide smile on my face.
"And ours too." Aaron added. "That means we did a wrong work with raising her."
"Know what?" Daniel knocked three on the table. "Why don't we let Kira tell us, what happened exactely?"
"I said to Aaron earlier, nothing."
"Tell us more about that nothing."
"He had no humor at all."
"And knowing what are you count as humor, I think he had," Jace said "just not the kind, what you expect."
"And he was treating me like a girl." I continued without commenting on Jace's sentence.
"Let me think..." Cyrus grinned. "I'm not sure, but because you are a girl, that's why he dare to acted like that... Don't you think?"
"You know what I am talking about.." I gave him a look. " He thought I'm that stupid girl, who has nothing in her head but she is pretty enough to be his prize what can he carries around. He angered me with that. Sköll just wanted to play with him first, but I like I said... He has no humor at all. And he is not good with animals too. So he had to go."
"You will never have a boyfriend." Cyrus commented with a nod and a grin.
"I would the fool were married to her grave!" Aaron quoted, also grinnig.
As an answer, I made a move.
"Do you bite your thumb us, sir?" Aaron continued.
"I do bite my thumb, sir." I shrugged.
"Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?"
"Is the law of our side, if I say ay?" I looked at Daniel.
"No." He shooked his head grinning. He was clearly enjoying our scene.
"No, sir," I answered calmly. "I do not bite my thumb at you, sir, but I bite my thumb, sir."
"So you just wanted to play with that stupid, big headed Mike, right? I know you just wanted tp play wit him..." Cyrus was petting Sköll now.
"Kira... the food..." Jace warned me.
"Are you angry about what happened?" I asked while I started cutting the vegetables.
"No." He sighed while he put a toast into the toaster. "Not at all."
"Then, what's tha matter?"
"Nothing." He said on a dull voice.
"Hey, I'm home!" Gale marched into the room with two big bags.
"Hi, Gale." We greeted him smiling. Or I thought, we were all smiling.
"What's the matter bro?" Gale asked from Jace. "There is a tunderstorm on your face."
"Kira kicked out Mike..."
"And? Where is the problem? You expected her to marry that dumb kid? My wall is funnier than him..."
"My problem is not mine, but our problem... That is, we are all worried about Kira and how wildly she can act."
"I love her attitude." Gale put down the bags. "When she is there, I don't know how... but she is THERE, very much, much more than others. Everything seems a little sharper when she is around."
I can agree with that." Cyrus said.
"Same here." Daniel and Aaron added.
"I inherited this from you." I felt that I blushed. My brothers were everything for me and the biggest compliment was that they are satisfied with me.
"Kira is our little shrew who needs to be tamed." Aaron stated.
Jace made a face, shrugged and turned back to the food.
"Jace..." I started but he hold up his hand.
"Don't say anyting. If Mike was that bad, you were right to kick im out. I don't want you to be someone who is not good enough for you."
"In Daniel's opinion, nobody is good enough for her. Okay, maybe prince William is good." Aaron said cheekily.
"Harry." I corrected him.
"Then Harry, I don't care. You want him? You get him. Just ask."
"What would you do? Kidnap him?"
"Course. But only if our precocious daddy" he nodded toward Jace "doesn't have anything against it."
"Somebody has to be sirious between us..." Jace said on a bitter voice. "And I have nothing against it."
"Then," Cyrus clapped "it's deceided."
"I can't wait for the fettered prince Harry." I said sarcastically.
"He will has pink, flullfy handcufs." Jace said after a moment, giggling. "And playboy bunny ears too."
"And you say, I'm the weird one... Look what he is thinking about..." I murmured, but I was happy for that Jace is smiling again. He was shattered when our mother died, and he grown up so fast what we didn't even dream. Daniel and Aaron tried to treat him less more siriously, but was useless and it only led to fights between them, so they gave up. To tell the truth, he was the only one for we was worried most of the time, not me.
“And, anyway, where is our little Viking?” Aaron asked. “He should be here now…” The viking was Eric’s -my youngest brother- nickname, which came from the film ‘Erik the viking’.
“Don’t call him viking, you know he hates it and he hates the film too.” I told Aaron, like every time when he called him like that.
“But he is not here, so he can’t hear it.” My brother shrugged.
“Okay, okay.” He held up his hand.
I shrugged. I know that he will greet Eric with this nickname, despite of what he said. And I was right.

“Viking, your ship sank or what took so long? There was a party in the Valhalla?” Aaron shouted out to Eric into the anteroom when he eared that our brother cloesd the door behind himself. Eric answered something not so friendly and Jace pulled his eyebrows together when he heared it.
“Where did he learn those swearings?”
“I don’t know, but I like them.” I grinned.
“They are very creative, I admit, but…”
“He just got home and you already ruined his mood.” I gave Aaron a dark look.
He grinned, and when Eric came into the room, he rushed to him, curved his right arm around his shoulder and tousled his hair.
“My little brother is not angry, right? He knows that I was just joking.”
Eric danced out from his hug and set his hair.
“You are always just joking Aaaron, I got used to it. You have the same level of compassion as a teaspoon.”
“What did we told you about compairing Aaron to lifeless things?” Daniel asked in a jocose tone.
“It’s an insult towards the lifless things…” I cut in, before Eric could answer. I picked up a spoon and held it out. “Come on, apologize from it.”
Eric snorted, but bowed his head a little. “I’m terribly sorry Milord.”
“She is a Lady.” I shook my head.
“And why?”
“Because I said so.”
Eric made a face but he was smiling.
“Then, I’m sorry Milady. It won’t happen again.”
“Good.” I nodded and smiled. “I forgive you.” I said on a superior voice, pretending, that I’m the spoon.
“I’m honored, Lady Spoon.” Eric bowed his head again.
“Nobody respects me here.” Aaron pouted, but he wasn’t hurt at all.
“Of course not.” Cyrus grinned.
“You are righ, nobody.” I agreed.
Aaaron widened his eyes and gave me a painful look. “Et tu mi fili, Brute?”
“I come to bury Caesar not to praise him.” I asnwered.
“Whoa, that was a sharp change…” Gale frinned. “ From the North, to the Ancient Rome… You guys are fast.”
“The meal is ready.” Jace announced.
“Great, I’m straving!” Aaron sat down immediately to the table.
“You eat my food not so long ago, you can’t be that hungry.” I disagreed.
“That was long ago and I had to share it with Dan…”
“Oh, you poor, poverty-stricken boy… You have such a hard life. I’m touched by your sad life story, I’m really touched.” I teased him. 
The others giggled and gathered around the table too. Eric sat beside me and when everybody started to eat, I turned to him.
“So, where were you? I bet not in the Valhalla.”
“Yes, tell us.” Daniel joined me.
We knew the best, that it was the hardest for Eric. He was not older than me with that much, and until I came, he was the ‘little one’ in the family. But I and our mother’s death changed everything… He became ‘one of the boys’ suddenly, and with that, he started to always felt, he has to prove that he is worthy, for our father. But with so many siblings… it’s hard to feel that you are uniqe and you are standing out… and our father was never at home to acknowledge him, and our oldest brothers who were there instead of him, were his greatest rivals at the same time. Because of the little age difference, we always stood very close and I didn’t mind that I have to pay a big attention to him. I loved Eric so much, because he was a warm hearted, kind guy, craving for attention. Yes, he was a little competitive and always wanted to be the best, the most popular, but who could blame him for that, knowing his past and his current life? 
The rest of the day passed away fast and when I looked up next, it was near ten o'clock and we was finishing the third box of ice-cream and the second thriller.
"I'm tired." I yawned. "This film was not interesting at all.
"You didn't even pay attention on it." Cyrus critized me. "You were talking with Aaron during the whole time."
"Beacuse I guessed the end after the fifth minute..."
"Oh, I'm sorry for that you are too smart for films." Gale made a face. "Then, choose the next. But if it won't be good..." He didn't finish the sentence.
"Enough... behave yourself, or you will spend the rest of the night in your rooms." Jace warned us.
"And who will make us go up to our rooms?" I asked.
"I." Daniel and Aaaron said in chours.
"Traitor." I hissed. "You didn't enjoy it all too, Aaron!"
"But I'm older, and bigger, and wiser, and I'm your brother." He gave me a look with full of superiority.
"And you are a bigger cliché lover too." I grimaced.
"That was an insult?"
"You took upon it to yourself... so it was true, and the truth is never an insult, so no. It was not an insult."
"For the Lord's sake, stop it!" He laughed. "I feel dizzy when I want to think trough it. You are too smart for your own good, girl..."
"And you are too..."
"Don't finish that sentence." He threatened me with a wide smile.
"That won't cahnge that you are slow as a turtle." I shrugged.
"Kira... Kira..." Daniel kissed the top of my head. "Let your poor brothers be..."
"As you wish." I don't think I ever refused anything what Daniel said. He was the one who was always stood the closest to me. He arranged my life, my gymnastics trainigs, my schools, everything. He stayed up with me most of the times when I was sick, he thaught me how to write and read, he helped me when I couldn't learn something.
Aaron red for me when I was little, he thaught me to love arts and look everything with a critical eye. Jason thaught me to cook and he planted his good taste into me, like how Cyrus planted his love towards animals, especially dogs and horses. And there is Gale... He always took me with him onto his shopping tours, from him, I learnt how to handle money and how to be indepent, who always stands up for her rights. And for last but not the least… My beloved Eric, who was always near and there, the one, who had the most reason to hate me, but instead of that, he was always the first in the line, when it came about breaking some noses for my sake. He was the most adventurous from my brothers, with him, I had so many exciting and great trips, he thaught me how to drive a car, and he made me love nature, adrenalin and trekking. Because of his comptetivie side, I became an expert in board and card games ad we often compete in that who can solve a sudoku or a crossword faster. Also, he thaught me that our differences are good things what we shouldn’t have to hide, we need to let them shine, and accept the others in their own way because if we are all the same, that is just not okay.
Also, I inherited their humor, views on life and they fast and clever thinking. While they were fighting above what should be the next -and not last- film, I went out to the kitchen for a new box of ice-cream. When I walked back towards the room, I stoppen in the door and just watched them foe while. When Daniel noticed me, he waved and I sat between him and Aaron. Cyrus and Gale immediately opened the ice-cream and started to bolt down the whole box. Jace, of course, started a new fight with them about this, Daniel tried to reaasure them and Aaron was watching the scene like it was te most interesting play no Erath. Eric took an advantage and he put in the new DVD what HE wanted to see and went back to his seat with a grin. I smiled and laid back on the couch.
"What?" Aaron asked when he saw my smile.
"Nothing." I answered. "I'm just perfectly happy in this moment, that's all."


The other members of the Holland family:

Eric Holland {Tom Felton-older brother-19}
Cyrus Holland {Ezra Miller-older brother-20}
Gale Holland {Anton Yelchin-older brother-23}
Jason "Jace" Holland {Evan Peters-older brother-25}
Aaron Holland {Jackson Rathbone-older brother-27}
Daniel Holland {Tom Hiddleston-older brother-31}

Alexander Holland {Bruce willis-dad-57}
Lilyanne Holland {mother-Deceased}

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