{Adele - Turning Tables}

[ Regular school day. And the first wizard class is today.]

"Hey girl." Lana greeted me with a smile. 
"Hi." I was very happy to see her. Somehow, I missed her and the others, even though I only knew them since... two days? It seemed to be so much longer... "How was your first day at "Wizard Academy"?" I asked jokingly, with a smile too. 
She laughed at my words. "It was actually not bad. What about you?" She asked back.
"Eh...ya know. School." I said and shrugged. I didn't want too seemed to enthusiastic, despite of that, I loved this place. I didn't want to judge until I saw all of my classes. "Hey my class is down this but I'll catch up you later." I told her and we parted.
"Alright. See ya!" 


"Kira Holland."
"Here." I was playing with my pen while the teacher was reading out our names. This class was History of Magic and the book for it was very thick and full with very small letters. My eyes will run out if I read all of this... But it seemed interesting at least. The teacher, Mr. Balckwood was a man in his thirties, with dark hair and light grey eyes. He looked like the very intelligent but in the same time strict type. "Cameron West" he red the last name on the paper. There was no answer. "Cameron West?" The teacher asked again. In that moment the door opened and a boy walked in.
"Here." He said and sat down next to the door casually, like if it was normal that he was late. Mr. Balckwood pulled up his eyebrows.
"Where were you? The class is already started."
"Yeah, I know." The boy shrugged. "But you were only reading the names, so didn't miss anytthing important, because I'm the last on the paper, right?"
"What kind of tone is that, young man?" Mr. Blackwood was angry now. "Show some respect!"
"And... why?" Cameron asked slwoly. "Tell me one reason."
This turned to be more and more interesting, so my gaze was jumping between the boy and the teacher.
"I'm your teacher."
"Not good enough."
"Well, nobody asked your opinion! And if you want to be the student of this school tomorrow too, behave!"
Cameron shurgged again and stayed in silence. When Mr.Blackwood started to talk again about our subject, every head turned away from Cameron, except mine. When he noticed that I was still watching him, he looked at me and narrowed his eyes. His look was angry, cold and unfriendly.
"What are you staring at?" He hissed.
"I think I found something interesting." I said.
"Rellay? What?"
"You." I answered. "But I think you already knew this, so why did you ask?"
From his look, it was clear that I angered but amused him at the same time.
"Mind your own business!" Ha said on a harsh voice.
"Ms. Holland..." Mr. Blackwood cleared his throat.
"Yes?" Finally, I turned away from Cameron. "I'm sorry Mr.Blackwood..."

"...and for our next meeting, I want you to choose an era from the book and make a presentation about it. It hasn't has to be long, I just want to know how you can select and organize facts, datas and dates. That's for today,you can go now. Oh, and I already forgot to tell, you have to work in pairs. This will be a good oppurtunity to know each other better." Mr. Blackwood smiled at us.
Everybody froze for a moment and I was sure about that we all think the same: that means, somebody has to be in pair with Cameron. Before I could open my mouth to say someting to the girl next beside me, she already had a pair. And in a moment, everbody else had. I was left alone. Great. I sighed and rubbed my temple. Cameron immediatley left the classroom when he heared that the class is ended, didn't wait for the homework.
"Ms. Holland."
"You will be Mr. West's pair then..." Mr.Blackwood seemed a little troubled.
"Don't worry," I waved a little "I can manage that."
"You sure?"
"For a long time, I lived together with all my six brothers, so yes, I'm sure, it won't cause any problem." I put my best reassuring smile onto my face. To tell the truth, I was not sure about this, not at all. But that Cameron West... He seemed interesting with his careless and wild attitude... He made me curious.
"Well then, see you in our next class."
"Mr. Blackwood."
As I was walking past Cameron's seat, I noticed that there is something on the floor, under his chair. He left there something? It was a little, old book. So that was what he was reading trough the wole class! I opened it curiously and red the tilte: Hamlet, prince of Denmark. That suprised me very much. Shakespeare? He loves Shakespeare? Wow. I rushed out from the classroom and looked around. I needed to find him... As I was walking trough the other students, I saw Blair. I waved to her and she waved back. I saw Angelina for a moment too and I think, I heard Eric's voice from a corner. But I didn't find Cameron anywhere. I almost gave up, when I noticed him. He was standing alone, farer from the others and was searcing for something in his bag.
"Hi." I greeted him when I reached him.
"What?" He didn't look up to me.
"We are a pair." I stated. 
That made im stop what he did and turned his head into my way.
"Mr. Blackwood gave us homework and we have to work in pairs."
He snorted and shok his head. "I don't care. Leave me alone."
"But I..."
The anger in his voice made me took one step back. "What is your problem?" I asked. I didn't understand his fierceness.
"That's none of your concern!" He hissed. "Get lost already!"
"You know, you could be more polite. Maybe I can help you find you what you lost." I nodded towards his bag.
"You?" His voice was scornful. "I doubt that."
"Well," I said "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." And with that, I held up the book. "It was on the floor of the classroom."
He pulled out the book from my hands, turned away and left me without any word.
"Well, yes, you don't need to thank... It was really a nothing." I murmured and shook my head. "Really a nothing."
I already deceided what era I will choose from the book. Everybody will get a part from the Middle age, the Restoration or from the Modern times... But I was thinking about the XIX. century. The century of Nietzsche, who said 'God is dead.' In a century like that, how could magic work and how was it referred?


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Wrote 4 years ago
Thank you, it means so much to me that you loved it! :)

Wrote 4 years ago
love the story (:
nice introduction to cameron! i can't wait to see where that goes

Wrote 4 years ago
awesome story i loved it!(:

Wrote 4 years ago
great story!x (:



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