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{High School Musical - Start of Something New}

[ This everyone's first day at the adademy.]

My brother's voice was too sharp for my ears. I opened my eyes, then closed them again. 
"It's still dark..." I muttered.
Eric rushed into my room with Sköll and Hati.
"Kira, we need to walk the dogs before we go to the academy, so hurry!"
"But it's still dark outside!" I repeated.
"Because we have to be there early!"
"You want to be te first there, right?"
Eric and his desire to be the first, the best, everywhere and every time... One day, this will kill me, for sure.
"Aren't you excited?" My brother asked.
"I'm sleepy!" I hissed. "Take the dogs alone. God, how you can be so energetic, so early?"
Instead of an answer, Eric grabbed my blanket and pulled it to the ground. 
"Sköll, Hati!" He ordered and the dogs started barking happly.
"Okay, okay, I'm up! Geez, the neighbours will freak out if you wake them with the noise!"
"I know." Eric grinned and waved the dogs, to finish. "That was the reason."
"I hate you."
"You are always so grumpy when you wake up." He was still smiling.
"Shut up."
"Oh, don't be so cruel... Look..." He nodded toward my desk. "I made breakfast for you."
"When did you get up, exactely, if you had time for this?" I was amazed.
"Early." He shrugged.
"I can't believe this..." I shook my head, but I was happy for the food. Eric was a great cook, because he always tried to defeat Jace, so he practiced a lot. "But thanks."


The academy looked like simple and a little ugly from the outside. I made a face when I saw it and turned to Eric.
"This? This is the so mysterious and great academy? It's not too much..."
"Thus Spoke Miss Prejudice." Eric grimaced.
"That was Zarathustra." I corrected him.
"I know."
"I know, you know."
"Okay, stop this."
"Why?" I smiled and started examinig the buliding again."What if we are here too early and it's closed?"
"You don't know until you try." Eric grabbed my wrist, led me to the door and pushed it.
It was open, so we walked inside and we found ourselves in a little, plain, white room. It was empty.
"Prejudice?" I hissed. "What do you think now?"
"Names?" A voice asked from behind us.
I jumped a little and turned around. Eric was faster and he already stepped before me, so I had too peek out from behind his shoulder. He always did this... to tell the truth, all of my brothers reacted the same, when something like this happened. They especialyy hated that when somebody just showed up from thin air, when I was around too.
"Names?" The voice repeated. It was a tall man in a dark cloack. 
He looked interesting, so I stepped beside Eric and examined him for a few moments.
"Eric and Kira Holland." I said finally.
The man searched out our names from a long list, thne nodded.
"You two are really early birds."
"Just like I said." I elbowed Eric. "Should we go and come back later?"
"No, no," the man shook his head "you can stay. Go," he made a wide movement and a door appeared from nowhere in the room "take a look around."
"Woow... Well, woow!" I finally could manage to say something.
Till this point, I was a little bored. Yes, an elit academy... blah, blah... all schools love to make a big fuss about themselves and try to look shiny and bright, so I didn't expect that this would be different. And I never was so special so why would any of the 'real elit shiny academies' want me? Eric, maybe... But me? And now... This door thing. That was a something. To admit, I was a little frightened beside that I was really excited, so I stayed colse to Eric. We stepped torugh the door and what we found on the otherside, that was...
"I didn't know that we were assigned to a medieval timetravel."
"Tell me you don't like it." Eric looked at me.
"Of course, I love it! This is absolutley cool!" The place somehow reminded me to the mixture of an old castle and a museum, and I was absoultley into it, from the first minute.


"See you after the speech." Eric went right with the other boys and I stayed left with the girls. I looked around to find a place for myself and I spotted a dark haired girl not far from myself. From how she stood and from her figure, I could tell that she is dancing or doing something similar. I saw a lot of dancers and skaters around myself where I had my gymnastics trainings, so I could tell. Similar recognizes the similar. She will be perfect, I deceided.
"Hi," I said when finally reached her. "I'm Kira Holland."
"Lana Perez." She introduced herself.
"Want to find a seat together?" I asked after a moment of silence.
"Course." She smiled.
I searched for Eric in the crowd, and nodded, after we found our seats. The girl followed my stare.
"Who is he?" She asked, when Eric grinned at me. "The smiling blonde guy."
"My brother. We are here together."
"Oh, that's great! My sister is here too!" She seemed to be happy for that we found something similar in ourself.
"She is dancing too?" I asked without I realized what I'm doing.
"Sorry. I've just..." I bit my lip. "When I saw you, I knew that you are a dancer, or something like that. I can tell from your figure. That's why I chose you."
"Are you dancing too?"
"No. Gymnastics."
In that moment, two girls sat down in front of us. One had dark hair, and light, porcelain skin. She was adorable and seemed like a more silent, sweet type.
"Hi, I'm Angelina." She said on a soft voice and smiled at us.
I like her, I deceided. Okay, maybe it's not the endless excitement and wildness what is waiting for you, when you are with a girl like her, but sometimes, a little calmness is not so bad... The other girl had lighter hair and from her clothes... I would say she is a kind of hipster, but I always hated to put people into brackets...
“Hi, I’m Blair.” She introduced herself us too.
“I’m Kira.” I said with a smile.
“I’m Lana.” Lana joined.
“Has anyone else been feeling like this is like a dream?” Angelina asked.
“From the second I walked into that white room that was all I could think about.” Blair answered.
“I’m pretty confused,” I added, “But at the same time, I’m excited.” I couldn't stop myself, I smiled again.
“I agree,” Angelina said, “This place seems so… magical.”
Lana smiled. “Exactly what I thought!”
While we were talking, everyone found it's place and the headmaster of the school walked up to the very front of the room. She smiled at everyone and welcomed us all with warm and simply words. Then she began her bif speach, what was meant to tell us why we are exactely here. “Welcome boys and girls Hidden Village Academy. On your invitation we mentioned that the school is to remain hidden. We are going to tell you that reason now. You see, each of you have been selected to come to this school based on a number of reasons, which you will discover during your time here. But the main reason why you all are here, is because you have the potential to be a wizard.”
Everyone appalused and cheered and I joined. Since I saw that door appearing from nowhere, I was thinking about that something is going on here, but I couldn't wanted to believe it. Magic? For me? And me being a wizard? This was like a dream. A few weaks before this, I had no clue about what I am wnat to do with my life, but now, this new possibilty, changed everything... And Eric was here too, what meant that he has this potential too. Finally, sometthing what he has and my other brothers not. This place was perfect for him. And somehow I felt it's perfect for me too. Blair was the only one who didn't join us. She was just sitting there with a pale face and with eyes wide open. She seemed to be scared.
"Hey, are you alright?" Angelina asked, who noticed this too. "Do you want a glass of water or something?"
"Cheer up girl," I winked at her "you are magical!"

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The set is great! Congrats!

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congrats on top sets dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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love sky blue x

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Congrats on top sets! :)



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