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  • Eb Florals Apollo Hyacinth Eau de Parfum
    Eb Florals Apollo Hyacinth Eau de Parfum
    EB Florals Apollo Hyacinth Eau de Parfum, 100 mL DetailsA green floral fantasy. Alberto Morillas chose to focus on the stem of the hyacinth rather than its petals. The result is as sugary (also driven by the addition of a pear note), mineral and watery as sap. It is also incredibly elegant and subtle, all the way to its warm, soothing, woody finish. An outrageous collection of flower-powered fragrances and candles by ?ber-florist Eric Buterbaugh. 8 sumptuous scents hand-crafted by the wo...
  • Christopher Courtney Sensual - Luxury Spa Massage Candle
    Christopher Courtney Sensual - Luxury Spa Massage Candle
    Christopher Courtney uses only the finest, sustainable, environmentally as well as health friendly ingredients in their candles. Their uniquely blended and hand poured candles provide the ultimate must have spa accessories that will compliment any style and turn any room into peaceful holistic heaven. Fill your home with this delectable all natural aroma to create a warming and romantic ambiance, whilst enjoying the holistic benefits of pure and organic essential oils. Made with natural Bergamot Essential Oil, Hyacinth Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Amyris Essential Oil and Sweet Orange essential oils. Key Benefits amp; Ingredients Hand poured, 100 vegetable, no harmful pollutant, smokeless, soot free. Made with pure, natural soy bean oil from a renewable and sustainable resource. Biodegradable and free from pesticides and herbicides. Longer, cooler, cleaner burning and healthier than paraffin without soot build up. No GM material used. Easy to clean up with soap and hot water wax. No animal testing and veganfriendly. Stylish packaging Natural soy candles make perfect gifts for the environmentally conscious.
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