My favorite in SNSD, though their songs aren't my style necessarily. Hyo is gorgeous!

YAY 400~ (lol so small XD but its huge in my heart) with that being said, since A LOT of you guys love gifs (especially you, @mirmin) here's your gif of the day: (funny, because the korean match the text XD)

* excuse my ranting * I'm now 110% sure the volleyball coach doesn't know what he's doing. He put someone who doesn't know their basic skills too well on the team... what...what is this? I mean, I don't get it, isn't the point to have a strong team with great players? * rant over *

And in other news, BIGBANG is having a comeback!! lol, if YG trolls, one of us (aka ME) is gonna break something -_-
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