Imogene and Corin’s 2nd son :3 
Its been a long, annoying road to get to the right person/character, but I did it :D
Song for the Set:

People in the frames: 
Ian Gryffin {Logan Lerman}, 
Brother, Leo {Daniel Sharman}; Sisters, Elphaba {India Eisley} & Hadley {Lily Pilblad} 
Mother, Imogene {Alexandra Breckenridge}; Father, Corin {Ian Somerhalder} 
Uncle, Kasper {Kevin Zegers} 
Full Name: Ian Mason Gryffin 
Nickname(s): [to be filled in] 
Parents: Imogene Gryffin and Corin Gryffin (neé Corvin) 
Blood Status: Pure-blood 
Wand: 11” Alligator Juniper wood, Phoenix feather core
House: Gryffindor 
Year: 7th {May 5th} 
Age: 17 {Birthday: 
Height: 5’9”
Weight: about 142lbs. 
Eyes: Light grey (like his father’s) 
Hair: Black (like his father’s)
Skin: Light Tan, because of how much time he does spend outside 
Personality: Around his friends he’s pretty much a giant smartass, but around strangers and people he doesn’t know very well he tends to come off condescending at times if people really get to talking to him; there are times that Ian can be incredibly quiet, tucked into the corner reading or observing things, but other times (especially if he has too much sugar) he can nearly be a freakish spaz with how much energy he has and how goofy he can get; tends to be a rather big sweetheart to many of the girls he knows, jokingly flirting with some of them from time to time, whereas some of the males in his life tend to believe he’s a little punk/a giant pain in the arse – when he does talk, that is; it’s a rarity that Ian has cause to lie to people, so he tends to be rather honest – he tries to take his mother’s policy of “if you can’t tell the truth, just keep your mouth shut”; self-professed weirdo – he doesn’t care if people think he’s strange, he sees it as a family trait, at least specific to his mother and father’s side…and Vinny too XD; despises people that are homophobic or judgmental of werewolves, etc. – his family, both biological and the family-group in NYC are made up of colorful people so he’s used to /different/ and colorful; a great deal of the time he is rather calm/happy – it takes a bit to get him worked up before he starts to get aggravated/angry, but harm anyone in his family and he will want to go out for the kill (lol) but takes things rather rationally; Ian gets a tiny bit on-edge when his sisters or anyone that’s really close to him is upset – he gets antsy and snuggly, wanting to calm them down and make them feel better; Ian doesn’t do /bored/ so if he has nothing to do, he generally is reading or actually doing his homework; if something becomes too stressful – and its not something if great importance – Ian will say ‘f**k it’ and drop what he’s doing instead of getting worked-up over it and getting pissed off; 
Bio: [still working on it. 
OTHER – basic information: 
- Boggart: His father’s massacred body 
- Patronus/Animagus: Wolf 
- Parents: Imogene Gryffin and Corin Gryffin (neé Corvin)
- Siblings: Leo + Elphie + Hadley Gryffin 
- Pet: A black Great Pyrenees named Orion 
- Grandparents: Amelia and Cullen Gryffin; Dmitri the II + Anyanka Corvin
- Aunts: Nymie Gryffin, Glori Shaw, Sam Gryffin
- Uncles: Dmitri Corvin III, Remy Gryffin, Ryen Shaw, Kasper Corvin
- Cousins: Calypso + Gwen Gryffin; Godric + Vincent Gryffin; Max Shaw 
- Close Friends: Sloane Viviara, Anderson Wingate, Will Robinson, Xander Willsworth, Penn Orpheus, 
- Named after his great great grandfather, the first Ian Gryffin (and first real Gryffin to their family). 
- Like his sister Elphie, Ian has found himself to be a healthy combination of both his parents – half&half as he generally says, so he can get along with both of them just fine. 
- Tends to get along with many of his cousins and his own siblings (Kasper too), as he tends to stay easy going and not easily worked up over drama. 
- When he gets really sleepy, if he’s not already in his room, Ian will snuggle up against someone and fall asleep. Naps are his favorite. He will nap against friends, or her siblings – pretty much nearly anyway to be warm and cozy – thou things can get awkward if it happens to be a guy he snuggles [XD]. 
- Absolutely loves all things to do with Astronomy – it’s an obsession really. Because his father is a werewolf, Ian got heavily into mapping and keeping track of the moon phases when he was a first year, and it spiraled out from there. He’s been one of the top students in that class throughout his seven years of schooling. From time to time, he camps outside with his telescope, just to be able to look up at the stars and re-map constellations. 
- Ian is so invested in werewolves and Astronomy, he’s become an encyclopedia of werewolf knowledge and many other things to do with werewolves and wolves. He may not be the best at school like Leo was, but ask him anything about werewolves and he’ll know it – that is, if he’ll tell you. Due to the fact that some people treat werewolves none too kindly, he tends to keep the information he knows on the down-low, to only give it to those he knows he can trust or can use it for good (rather than harm). He’s trying to compile a master-book of all the information he knows about werewolves – to help better the treatment of them in general society (with the help from some others, he hopes). 
- Every time he can, Ian watches yet one of the many vampire or werewolf movies he can get his hands on; he’s seen hundreds of vampire and werewolf movies – having marathons of them that he has yet to watch sometimes – and they range from American films to crappy Japanese ones, but he keeps a running record of ones that he has watched throughout the years. 
- From his mother, grandmother, and a miniscule handful of others, Ian has learned fencing. Like Elphie, he has always had a deep fascination with sword-fighting, so he was put into fencing classes when he was younger (while Elphie had her ballet classes) and has grown to be quite the swordsman – but he prefers to fence with actual rapiers, and not the flimsy ones that are used during sports matches and for practice. It especially comes in handy when having lightsaber battles [XD]. 
- Knives are also a weapon he has come to familiar himself with, besides rapiers, though he is not as good at throwing them as his father (Corin) is. Mainly, Ian just tosses throwing-stars at his dartboard and keeps a knife tucked into his tall boots/pants’ leg whenever he walks around. 
- Has been taking Latin at Hogwarts since he was a 1st year so he’s quite fluent in it – less with the ability to speak but more so with reading it and translating; rather familiar with French – not fluent – just some phrases he knows from his mother to get him around Paris; knows a bit of Russian from his father teaching him phrases since he was a kid. 
- Sleeping is his favorite sport. He’d get several gold medals for it. Depending on who he’s near, if he’s comfortable enough, he can rather easily snuggle up with someone and fall asleep; it happened frequently when at the apartment and in his Grams’ living room. 
- Likes ~ Music/Singers/Bands: Passion Pit; Broken Bells; The Killers; Grizzly Bear; Ellie Goulding; 

- Likes ~ Movies: Star Wars Series; Dracula (1992), American Werewolf in Paris, American Werewolf in London, The Lost Boys, [a whole crap-load of another vampire and werewolf movies]; The Crow; Hocus Pocus; Beetlejucie; Hellboy>>

- Likes ~ Shows: True Blood; 

- Likes ~ Books: comic books – he loves Hellboy, Sin City, Ultraviolet, [Constantine], Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a handful of darker-edged comic books; >>

- Likes ~ Food: Butterscotch pudding (especially the freshly-made stuff), fried calamari; Locks + Bagels; pancakes; s’mores; Lipton diet citrus green-tea; cheese-dogs; >>

- Likes ~ Random likes: Sleeping in late, thunderstorms/rainstorms, hot coco on cold days, 

- Dislikes: Homophobes; extremely girly-girl/prissy people; people who look down on muggle-borns/werewolves/people they deem ‘freaks’ or as ‘worthless’; 
- check her bio collection: 
Link to Dorm: 
Model: Logan Lerman 
Bio collection:
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Wrote 4 years ago
Omg i love this!

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Very cool :3

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@much-better-now updated his bio haha

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Yeah. I made Ian more...dark geek rather than "omg let me f**k him he's hot" haha



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