Harrison knocked on the door with his free hand; his other hand was holding mine. He looked over at me and smiled.

"You nervous?" he asked, a slight smile forming on his oh-so-kissable lips.

"Not at all."

He raised an eyebrow.

"Okay. maybe a bit."

"Don't worry. It'll be fine," he said, leaning over and kissing me lightly.

"You sure?"

"Yeah," he replied, kissing me again. He took my face in his hands, and just as I wrapped my arms around his waist....

The door opened and we sprang away from each other.

"Oh!" his father said, with a wink. "I'll just give you two a second."

Harrison kissed me lightly again. "I think he likes you."
"So... how did you and Harry meet?" his mother asked stiffly. She sat opposite me, her prim dress looking starched.

"Mom. Seriously. I go by Harrison now," Harrison said, rolling his eyes.

I looked over at him for a brief second. "It's... It's a long story..."

"I'm sure you could regale us with it..." his mother replied.

"Mom. Seriously? It's a long story. It's not THAT interesting." Harrison squeezed my hand under the table for moral support.

"I'm just trying to be sociable, Harry," she sniffed. "No need to get all fired up."

His dad laughed, a little bit tipsy from all the wine he had drank.

"Leave 'em alone, Margie, dear," he said. "Can't you see she's uncomfortable?"

I blushed. Curse my red-headedness.

"Don't worry. If we're lucky, they'll leave us alone after dessert when they go to get the coffee..." Harrison whispered in my eyes, his breath blowing my hair around, tickling my face.

I giggled, but was silenced as "Margie" threw an annoyed glance at me.
Like Harrison said, his parents left us alone in the living after dessert, as they left to go get the coffee pot.

"So..." he said, leaning over. "I think they liked you."

I snorted. "Haha. Right."

"Well... At least my dad did."

"I think he'd like just about anything in the state he's in."

"Point taken. And the winner gets a kiss..."

He leaned in to kiss me...

"So how's your schoolwork coming, harry?"

His mother appeared out of the kitchen carrying the coffee pot, looking triumphant at having successfully kept us from kissing.

Before Harrison could answer, a loud crash echoed in the kitchen.

"I'm okay!" his dad yelled.

"Oh no! Not the good mugs!" his mom cried.

"Wow," I said, leaning over to him. "And I thought MY family was a circus..."
We sat side-by-side on the stools by the island bar in my apartment.

"Well..." he started.

"It was..." I began. "Yeah. It was definitely... an experience."

"You're telling me. I had to live with them for sixteen years."


"Yeah. I moved away once I could drive and I lived with my uncle in the city. Until he died. But by then I was old enough to get my own apartment. So here I am..."

"Here you are..."

"All alone with Sunny in her apartment..."

"Whatever shall you do?"

"I have an idea..." he replied, winking.

He kissed me, and I wrapped my arms around him, this time not afraid of his mother catching us.

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