it had been two days after meeting Josh. i couldn't get him off my mind. both of us had blast talking that we didn't even exchange phone numbers. as i walked home from class, i decided to make a little de tour to his gallery.

i took one deep breath as i was about to entered the gallery. it was slightly empty, like no one was around.

"hello?" i said.

and then i saw him from the back, talking on the phone, at the same time, my phone rang. i let it go to voice mail.

"hey.. chloe... it's.. josh. from the other night. i got your number off the guestlist, i hope u don't mind.." he said nervously while running his hand through his hair.

i laughed discreetly a few feet away as i listened more closely.

"i was thinking.... maybe we could, uhm.... i mean, i know you're married and all... but uhm, coffee? does that sound good? it's just... a friendly one. nothing fussy about it. so yeah.. maybe, uhm, let me know if you're down. ok, bye." he shut the phone and took one deep breath.

i walked closely and smiled, "well, i'm down."

he turned around and looked surprised. his face turned slightly red.

"ch--loe... did you hear the whole thing?"

"to be fair, i was gonna hear the whole thing anyway, right?" i grinned.

"(sighed) it's just.... embarrassing." he shrugged.

"it's pretty cute." i smiled.

he looked down while messing his hair before he opened his mouth, "so.. coffee?"

"sure." i smiled.

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