{[i GOT TAYLOR'S PER-MiSH -&&jazzy's- so --all you haters don't get your aerie undies in a bunch. ;] ]}
this is a contest. oh yeah. i need a new icon.
anyone can join: but here are the rules/guidelines;;
l ) there is no fighting in this comp. if i see that you are, disqualified.
2 ) there are five judges. they are picked by me. they are::
--> E i L E E N ♥ . .
3 ) there are three queens. a queen; a princess; and a lady-in-waiting. like first, second, && third. you get a special prize i will announce on the day of the results.
4 ) you will leave your link to your icon on this set, do NOT send it to me. i don't check messages that are icons for this comp.
5 ) if you want to make more than one;; go AHEAD! it doesn't matter to me how many you make!
6 ) have funn and be creative! :)
btw;; this is an icon either for me or just an icon that anyone can use it's your choice!
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