This is the most perfect outfit for the following scenario: Picture this! You're renting a beach house with all your girlfriends over the summer. Everyone just took their showers after returning from a long day of tanning. The sunset is arriving and the air begins to get chilly. What would be the perfect evening hang out and is at a walkable distance from your beach house? ICE CREAM! This is when you have to decide what to wear to walk down to the ice cream hang out at the beach to take artsy evening pictures with you, your ice cream, and friends! This is when you meet all the cute boys who are also renting beach houses in the same neighborhood as you;) So what do you wear?
 I think a pair of Vineyard Vines bold red shorts should do the trick. The color will pop against the evening background and they will show off your summer tan! Shoes? Jack Rogers, duh! I picked a pair of brown Jacks because they will go with the other accessories in this look. Shirt? A long sleeved navy blue shirt would go best with red shorts. Long sleeves because it's chilly out. Navy blue, because it creates that nautical, preppy feel that's great for the summer. And while we're talking preppy, why not have that shirt monogrammed on the frocket? Now to match the brown shoes, I think a Tory Burch wallet would look incredible. I actually picked the brown Jacks because they would match the brown wallet. (See what I did there? Planned ahead)

I hope you all find this look helpful! Let me know if you try it out, I would love to hear from you!
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