She lives in a castle, mounted on the edge of the glacial cliffs. Her eyes are an icy blue-grey color. This beautiful female has lived in solitude her entire life. Of course, she has been surrounded by people, but in her mind, there is no one else. 
Many travelers have attempted to scale the ice cliffs or climb the mountain that leads up to the tower. But no one has survived the expedition. They are all struck down, by the snow, the wind, the wolves, or the queen herself if they ever get close enough. 
The queen wants no visitors. She wants no one to live with her. She wants everyone to leave her in peace, in her castle of ice and glass on the cliffs. No one should ever attempt to visit her. She has no family. She has no friends. And that's the way she likes it. The queen does not want anyone. She simply wants to be left alone.
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