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honestly, i don't even know how long it's been since i last made a tipp. But here i am, so enjoyy. 

Okay, so tonight i went ice skating for the second time in my entiree life. And let me tell you, it was pretty embarrassing. I kept falling on my bum, and all my friends were trying very hard to keep my bum not on the ground. Hahah but I've come up with a few helpful tips for all you beginners, hope they help. ♥

 When ice skating, you should wear clothes that are easy to move around in and will be heavy on your body. You want to be flexible and not too warm. Remember, skating is exercise so your body will get warmer once you move around.
**Don't wear jeans. Jeans are mostly rigid and harder to move around in. When you fall they can get damp and will be harder to skate in.
**Try some warm, thick leggings, a t-shirt, jacket, gloves, and hat.

 Skates should be fitted for comfort and are available in most shoe sizes. It's a good idea to measure both feet as one foot can be bigger than the other. Also, measure the width of your foot while sitting down. There are a number of good brands you can buy, but rentals are available for your first skate. 
**Never wear hockey skates your first time! (Lesson learned)

Most skate rinks have rubber matting you can walk on. Walk around to help maintain your center of gravity but remember to keep your skate guards on.
**The trick here is to get comfortable on skates. The more you're in your skates, the better your body adjusts to balancing itself. This is a learning process, so don't expect to be an expert right away.
**If you are wobbly walking around in your skates, focus on one point with your eyes and trust your body to get the balance right. Balancing is all about keeping your head steady and your eyes fixed on a point.

The keys to skating well are relaxation and technique, so relax and try to keep your legs as steady as possible. Learning to walk will help give you ankle support and help you get used to the friction of the ice.
**Walk around the edge of the rink while holding onto the wall. This will help you get a feel for the ice.
**Start slow. It won't feel natural at first, but take things slow and move fluidly. You're not going to win any speed contests the first couple times on skates. Avoid jerky movements. If you want, pretend you are a graceful animal moving through its natural habitat lol. 

While you learn this step, remember to move slowly. Eventually, the faster you go, the easier it will be to balance. So if you can learn to balance yourself going slower, moving faster will seem easy.
**Start by holding your arms out at just below shoulder level to learn to balance yourself. Yes, you will look like a dork. :)
**Try not to stiffen your body. It actually makes skating harder. Keep your body loose and relaxed and you will find it much easier to glide along.
**Once you've maintained your balance, tr going a bit faster. 

To stop, bend your knees slightly inward and then push out with one or both of your feet. You should put a tiny bit of pressure on the ice so as your feet will not slide out from under you. When you stop, you should have created a little bit of "snow" that was sheered off from the ice. 

Now keep prating and good luck guyss.

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