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fillers, backgrounds and text
enjoy!! i'll be making lots of collections.
like the collection before saving the items, please.


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Fabulous collection! :3

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"swimming with the sharks until we drown."
~ @caro0329 ~ @div11 ~ @deathbypandas ~ @hlavelle ~ @laurepintea ~ @snugglebunny411 ~ @recari-13 ~ @allisonawesome7 ~ @smilygirlcn ~ @mairayanto ~ @thaisa-tcs ~ @unicornthree ~ @purple2peace ~ @monafce ~ @x-carapherneila-x ~ @aurora-australis ~ @elma-993 ~ @amina-haskic ~ @allisonawesome7 ~ @riley-taylor-star
"all you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah."
~ @littlestylez-official ~ @vanessasimao1999 ~ @muted-headphxnes ~ @chiqisbeauty ~ @awakened-paradise ~ @xxxmakeawish ~ @alexandrabruninx ~ @bunny134 ~ @gwiyomichan ~ @demilovatoforevs ~ @kawaiireject ~ @lillytocute ~ @makebelievelane ~ @lauravdlaan ~ @leahhemmings ~ @petals555 ~ @miaagustus ~ @maddi-is-boss-45 ~ @the-official-polyvore-awards ~ @tasnime-ben ~
“find another place to start again”
~ @brigette002 ~ @kdstyle45 ~ @some101 ~ @pumpkin154 ~ @sara-is-fangirling ~ @georginexo ~ @tacolovingunicorn ~ @emilyoconnor398 ~ @superwholock101 ~ @ellajamesklein ~ @gmw19 ~ @creations-by-claudia ~ @liafer ~ @buteradiaries ~
“treasure, that is what you are.” «specials»
~ @the-forgotten-wolf ~ Kat, you are so amazingly amazing. You've always been kind to me, and I admire that you're so nice. You make awesome sets and you have a really great personality.
~ @thefaithygirl ~ Faithy, we just recently met, and it feels like I've known you forever! You make amazing sets, and you have a great sense of humour. I hope you get to learn Japanese one day!!
~ @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe ~ hay!! i'm so glad that we're polybesties and I couldn't ask for anyone better. You get me really well and I'm never afraid to tell you anything. You're super fab queen!!
~ @petals555 ~ honestly i love you so damn much i cant put it into words. for almost a year now, you've been there for me when i needed it, missed me when im gone, and cherished me when im here. i am so thankful for you.
~ @its-glaucous-outside ~ hi boo! i love your account, you're very good at everything you do. you're super nice and even though we just became friends, i'd do anything for you. your name is beautiful, also! xx
~ @sara-is-fangirling ~ omg, sara! you're too fabulous, i cant handle it <3 you're a great addition to my group account, you're funny and tbh i rlly needed someone to fangirl over 5sos with. ilysm, and the last thing i say shall be....... ASHTONS NEW HAIR BOOM
~ @buteradiaries ~ so im pretty sure you didnt ask for a special but here it is: you're so freaking cool. like holla at me fam, youre just so nice too dksjtbwial and your edits kinda make me want to sh.oot my.self. BC THEYRE SO GOOD !! ur my #1 hold on supporter and tbh i love you so stay rad as a raddish julianna
~ @a-b-a-m ~ first thing: have you finished all you homework honey? second thing: omg ilysm. you're really easy to talk to, and i just realized that you're super talented with art sets. you made our collab fabulicious ! stay amazing xx
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