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    Top finds from friends & celebrities. Get rewarded with PTZ for sharing your style.
  • Vanilla-Rosemary Lemonade
    Dress up classic lemonade with vanilla beans and fresh rosemary for an exceptionally refreshing drink. Recipe: Vanilla-Rosemary Lemonade
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  • Tumblr Tuesday Casey Liu
    We’re always scouring Tumblr for up-and-coming artists, photographers and interesting people to follow. On Tumblr Tuesdays we dig a little deeper, introducing you to a new person whose point-of-view we’re reblogging this week. Meet Casey Liu, a photographer who grew up on the islands of Hawaii and is currently living in L.A. Her active, outdoorsy shots make us want to get out there and explore. We spoke to Casey about her inspirations and found out a little more about the stories behind some of her favorite photographs. Hi Casey! Tell us a little bit about yourself! I’m a twenty-one year old photographer from Oahu, Hawaii currently living in L.A. county. I’ve lived my entire life on the islands and didn’t experience snow until I was sixteen, autumn when I was nineteen. I spent twenty-one years of my life surrounded by nearly perfect year-round weather, the warm, crystal clear Pacific ocean and lots of fresh air; it has undoubtedly affected my perspective of life and how I wish to capture it. What was your foray into photography like? I was always so obsessed with documenting as a kid and I think I’ve always been a collector. I loved going into antique stores and browsing trinkets and collectibles and thinking how something so old could be passed down through generations and enjoyed by so many. It’s a similar experience with photographs. I just love how you can decide right then and there, “I think I want to keep this moment forever,” and then you press a button and it's yours. It could be altered or distorted or even lost, but you decided it was worth keeping, and I think that’s really cool. What Tumblrs do we need to follow? 1. Jacq Harriet 2. Susanna Cole 3. Good Silence 4. The Stray Lashes Tell us some things you're currently into! I’m currently recording an album with my boyfriend, so writing music and researching funky instruments to add to our sound have been keeping me busy. Good, cheap Mexican food (non-existent in Hawaii), wallpaper design, and mustard (the color) are some things I've also been really into. Tell us the stories behind some of your favorite photographs: The pacific northwest is a glorious place. Shot of Deception’s Pass, Washington. I took a girl’s trip to Kauai last year for my birthday. We slept in our rental car, woke up on the beach and showered in McDonalds. It was great. Idaho is a severely underrated state and I am being selfish in wanting to keep it that way. Besides myself and two friends, there was no one around. Being from Hawaii, a tourist destination, I am not used to this. This is a popular theme in many of my photographs. High altitudes fascinate me for some reason and I’m not too sure why. Maybe I like feeling small. Palm trees and the warm pacific ocean is a must-see in Hawaii, but these cliff formations get me every time. “Hawaiian Snow.' We were on our way to a swimming hole or “queen’s bath” and this was the trail to get there. It was exactly what it looks like—plus a ton of popcorn and chocolate, obviously. The perks of being a “photographer” is being able to collaborate with amazing creatives. My florist friend turned my room into a garden and I have no plans to take it down. It’s called “Skinnydipper Hot Springs” for a reason. Follow Casey on Tumblr To see more from our favorite photographers follow UO on Tumblr
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  • Victory Rolls
    Difficulty: Moderate Era: 1940s. Works best on: Medium to long hair. Tools Needed: Comb, curling iron, bobby pins, hair spray. Tutorial: Here. 6
  • 10 Spring Styles Under $100 To Scoop Up Now
    Sure, the fall 2015 runways may have been all about that old reliable standby, the turtleneck, but spring's more about taking a walk on the wild side: far-out fringe, glammed-up athleisure wear, and '90s-style franken-shoes, to name a few of the season's must-have items. But, road testing
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    • Casal Fofo XVII / Imagens Fofas para Tumblr, We Heart it, etc « Olhar-43.net
    • Adela and Tessie: I whip my hair back and forth!
  • The Most Anticipated Hair Trends For Spring 2013
    Check out the hottest hair trends seen on the Spring 2013 runways.
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  • Our Hopes and Expectations
    Hello :) Christine. 24 years old. 17 January A bit of dork who likes to waste time. A random assortment of things i like. None of the photos are mine unless stated otherwise.
  • The Princess Blog cynthia korii villa
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  • TIP Bewonder H&M’s complete Coachella collectie!
    TIP: Bewonder H&M’s complete Coachella collectie!
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  • TIP Bewonder H&M’s complete Coachella collectie!
    TIP: Bewonder H&M’s complete Coachella collectie!
  • Best Friend Stuff
    I'm a teenager from Arizona. I love writing, reading and pretty much basically anything that has to do with those two things. I also love to bake anything and everything. Oh, and I'm obsessed with 1D. Elizabeth is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • the voyager - Taylor Swift // 1989  Vintage Postcards (1/2) ...
    “Taylor Swift // 1989 Vintage Postcards (1/2) **1989 tracks in the style of destination post cards from the 50’s and 60’s. In honor of it being taylorswift's fav era aesthetically.** ”
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