ooh hello everyone!

first of all, i just want to say a big thank you to @celhestial for helping me make this set. i've had so many problems with making sets lately, i probably created over 2 drafts in the past few days and i hate them all. dunno what's happening to me, i just feel like they're not good enough.

so umm, how's life going everyone??

i've been really stressed lately with school and everything. i started going to trainings again, but stopped  after 4-5 because it was too much for me. it's so cold outside and i'm having health problems so my mom said that i should stop for now, but start again when spring comes.

in two days me and my best friend are going to get presents for kids that go to a special school in our town. i got that idea a while ago, and i suggested it to our student parliament and they all agreed! so all the classes in our school (54 in total) have to buy at least one present. i'm so excited about it oml.

we also have our school dance in what, 3 weeks?? and also, we're so close to 2017 wow. this year's been great i think, but i can't wait to see what's gonna happen in next one.

i'm not sure when will i celebrate new year's eve since one of my best friends is going to vienna and the other one is celebrating with her family.
so u, bojana (the one that's going to austria) said that i could come with her, but we still have to ask our parents lol. i'm sure my mom will agree, dad too, but i'm waiting to see what her parents said haha

i feel like doing one of those playlist thingies, just to make a list for myself since my music sense changed a lot and i don't have most of those songs downloaded on my phone.

i guess that's all i had to say for now, i'm really hungry so i'll stop here however. comment how are you, waht have you been doing lately, how are you gonna spend christmas and nye? i just wanna catch up with everyone because i haven't been here in so long

i love you guys,
bojana ♡

grenade / bruno mars

17.12.16. • 2:14pm
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