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- Guns and Horses // Ellie Goulding

The set doesn't really match the story. It kinda evolved in writing.

Grace Milton; September 14

“Charlie,” I called out as I let myself into the little apartment her parents had bought her off campus, “Charlie, charlie, charlie.”

“What Grace?” She asked me with an exasperated huff looking up at me from where she sat, legs crossed, in one of the arm chairs text book open across her lap.

“Nothing, much.” I shrugged, dropping my bag on the coffee table and lowering myself into the couch perpendicular to her armchair, “I just needed to get out of the house you know?”

“I guess I can understand that.” She nodded sympathetically, “Well actually I don’t understand but I do pity you.”

“Sometimes I just got to get away from the girlyness.” I shuddered.

“So you come here?” She asked eyebrow raised pointedly looking round the room. Which okay true, Charlie had the most feminine style of dress that extended to interior design but I didn’t mean girlyness in that way.

“Well,” I shrugged again, “I considered going to Thomas and Karl but they were roped into setting up for a frat party or something.” I wasn’t entirely sure. Once they said they were busy I kinda stopped listening.

“So I’m your last option?” Charlie asked dryly, opening her book again, “I’m flattered Grace, truly.”

“Truly, madly, deeply?” I giggled. She glared slightly, which was the closest Charlie got to disapproving or judgement. “Sorry that’s not what I mean,” I sighed, curling in on myself even more, “I just knew you wanted to study tonight.”

“It’s no big deal.” She said before smirking slightly, “And also Thomas called me before.”

“Oh yeah?” I feigned nonchalance as I stretched out. I didn’t even think they had each other’s phone numbers.

“Well Karl called but Thomas talked.” It took all the willpower I had not to let my eyebrows shoot into my hair line.

Instead I just asked, “Oh yea? What did he want?”

“To surprise you my dear.” The reply that came was totally not Charlie’s. It was in fact Karl. Looking up he was following Thomas into the room, from the back of the house.

I blinked at the two of them in something like shock, “I am so confused as to what is going on and why.” I told them matter of factly, resting my head against the back of the seat and closing my eyes, “But I don’t even care right now.”

“Aww Princess I missed you to.” Karl leers, pushing himself into the space between me and the arm closest to Charlie.

“Hi Karl.” I said quietly, feeling the seat dip next to me as Thomas - well I assumed it was Thomas because I hadn’t heard Charlie get up - sat down, “Evening Thomas.”

“Evening Gracie.” That was Karl again.

“Don’t call me Gracie.” I snapped, opening a single eye to glare at him. He cowered slightly. Score for Grace.

“Gosh, I’m sorry.” He said mockingly though I could totally tell he was mostly sincere. As sincere as Karl could get.

“What’s wrong with you tonight?” Thomas asked curiously, wrapping an arm around my shoulder comfortingly.

“I dunno,” I shrugged resting my head on his shoulder. Then because I was tired, at least that’s my excuse I decided to be honest, with Karl of all people in the room, “Joe was here. He left yesterday.”

“And that’s made you all melancholy?” Thomas asked disbelievingly. When I opened my eyes and glanced as his face it mirrored that emotion also.

“I dunno, something about him seemed off.” I began twisting my ring round my finger - a nervous habit,

“Like what?” Thomas asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” I snapped, suddenly feeling like crying. I was meant to know everything about Joe and the fact I felt I didn’t was frustrating, “I don’t know what but I know there’s something.”

“Maybe he’s just stressed from work?” Charlie offered tentatively. Which was a laughable idea but she was trying to help so I managed to restrain the bitter laugh threatening to break through.

“I don’t know.” I growled, curling further into Thomas.

“Well if the next time you talk to him he’s still funny,” Thomas paused fighting for the words, “Then get in contact with your dad, or his boyfriend whose name currently escapes my mind.” Thomas offered.

“I know. I know I’m being silly.” I sighed, “But it’s just frustrating.”

“It’s alright sweetie.” Thomas smoothed my hair back, and completely taking me aback, another warm and surprisingly strong hand began rubbing circles on my back. It had to be Karl, and it was so out of character for him I was stunned. I didn’t say anything or turn towards him though because it was helping, honestly was helping and I didn’t want to scare him off or something “You’re allowed to have freak-outs now and then.” He kissed my forehead.

“It’s embarrassing.” I mumbled. He was acting so much like my Joe that my heart ached. I didn’t say anything though just let myself enjoy the moment of weakness and the ability to take comfort from people.

I knew they wouldn’t mention it or mock me but also that it was a rare moment so I just leant slightly back into Karl’s hand and closed my eyes. Sometimes a girl just needed to be comforted. And when her comforters were two hot guys in a totally non-sexual way.

Who was I to complain? Not about those two at least. I could worry about Joe at a later date.

This story is weird and short and just weird but PLOT POINT! @chrissykinz @vicks @sarahstardom @ingrid @martasmiling @pudding-fong and @kkerry
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