So yesterday (Saturday) I ran in an invitational. For those of you who don't know I run varsity cross country for my school. For those who really don't know cross country is a sport where a team of runners run 3 miles or 5k on a trail competing for a best time and to score for the team. It gets pretty intense. 

This invitational was tricky. I usually run between 35 and 39 minutes which is slow. This particular coarse was trick because of this one HUGE hill. Even though we only had to go up and down it once it was still pretty difficult. We even went on it to warm up and I still couldn't help myself when going down it during the race.

Now 11:00 comes along and I'm ready to race. The gun goes off Im up to a pretty decent start. Fast forward 15-20 minutes and Im running-walking quickly- up the hill. I get to the top and prepare myself to go down.

This is where things start getting fun. Im going down and holding myself back at the same time. When I'm a little over half way down the hill I decide its time to sprint and let go. I was wrong on timing and I don't know how but I fell on my right side slamming down to the ground and I was down for maybe a minute even less than before I got up and ran again.

I don't even know what was going through my head except that I fell. Im not injured. And I can finish this. 

So I got up and started running.

I felt amazing after that. Until my shoulder started hurting, but I finished with about 39:05. Which is decent for such a difficult coarse. I wasn't last and I felt great.

Theres my story. Oh my shoulder still hurts,but I'm fin and my mom got pictures of me falling that are posted on my personal instagram pirate_tiger_llama

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading you guys :)

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