"Jo, your up." Lav said calmly to me. I was nervous because I hoped not to choke up on any of my words.

"Hey!" I waved at everyone. "I know Lav and I haven't really you know, hung out but from all the times that I actually got to talk to Lav, she seemed extremely down-to-earth and loving. She's very kind and I'm super excited that she's getting married. She derserves it totally."

"Eventhough, I don't expect to be a bridesmaid, I'll be grateful to recieve such an honor. If I am picked, I know that I'll be able to help Lav as much as I can because I'm pretty organized and I know this would have to be all about you. I'll be supporting and understanding because that's what bridesmaids are for. 

"One more thing, Lav, I'm so happy that you're getting married. You and Rob are the cutest ever! Thanks!" I walked off the stage and smiled.


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