Patience - Guns N' Roses

Chloé Megha Patel – 19
- Felicia Frithiof
Likes: 90's rock, distressed denim, being barefoot, pineapple, grey goose, warm weather, avocados
Dislikes: horror movies, top 40, chain stores, raspberries, her mother, people who don't stand for anything
Style: California Casual 
Theme Song: Heroes by David Bowie
- There goes Chloe Patel, a recent high school graduate who seems to have it all gathered together. She’s well on her way to following her father’s footsteps into the medical field, doesn’t do anything too crazy, and knows how to behave like a lady. After spending the last year of her life in Pondichéry with her strict, Hindu grandparents, Chloe is so glad to be back to the states. She’s gotten the year of travel out of the way and now it’s time for her to buckle down and start getting her life together. Her family now consists of her father, Jasheen, her step-mother, Dunya, and step-sister, Ayah, after her biological mother, Clarisse, was caught having an affair on her loving husband when Chloe was just 12. Her family seems to be supportive of whatever Chloe does, but so far she hasn’t let the news fall that she doesn’t want to be a doctor. She might’ve passed all of those anatomy courses with flying courses, but she would be miserable for the rest of her life if she took care of sniffling, sick kids for the rest of her life, like her father has planned. In all actuality, Chloe has no idea what she wants to do with her life. That’s why, while she was in India, she snuck away from the condescending eyes of her grandparents and took a few local modeling jobs. Being on either side of that camera made her feel inspired for the first time in a long time. Now how is she going to let the truth break to her father? Does she really have it in herself to throw away years and years of planning because of one brief moment of obsure motivation? 
Relationship Status: infatuated with Adam Russo

Top Three: (do not use the same model more than once)
- Felicia Frithiof
- Felicia Frithiof
- Felicia Frithiof 

The back of The Red Room smelled distinctly like many years of spilled beers and plates of salty fries. I found myself there on this particular Sunday night to “drown out” my troubles. I had gotten a phone call earlier that afternoon from Clarisse. In the last few months, since my return from Pondichéry, she had been trying to “rekindle” our relationship. Unfortunately for her, I was far too interested in appreciating the relationship that was forming with my step-mother. You know… the woman who cared about her family… the woman who wouldn’t even think about sleeping with a man other than my father. Dunya was kind and had some sort of moral foundation. My father loved her. We had moved on from Clarisse. 

It was just too bad that she couldn’t take a hint. 

Every voicemail went the same way, “Chloe, it’s your mom. I miss you! Jared and I are doing great. Meghan is doing so great in school. Please call me. You have my number.” Jared was the six-year-younger bartender who had previously impregnated Clarisse with the little girl they called Meghan Clare. Nice touch, Mom. You can’t see a pattern there at all. 

“I thought they carded in this place,” a warm hand was placed gently on my shoulder, causing me to look up to see Adam Russo standing beside me, beer in hand. 

I smiled at the sight of his face, turning to face him as he sat down beside me, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” My lips turned up innocently. In all honesty, Craig McKee, the bartender, had known me since I was six years old and had no problem pretending that my license said “03-14-91” instead of “03-14-94”

“Likely.” he put his beer on the countertop, resting his foot on the bottom of my seat. 

I straightened my posture, knocking my knee against his gently, “I thought you didn’t hang out in mainstream places like this, Russo?”

“What can I say?” he shrugged, “sometimes a guy’s gotta have a beer in someplace other than his living room wearing boxers and a pair of dirty socks.”

I laughed whole-heartedly. Adam was good comedic relief, especially on days where you feel like you’re being kicked while you’re down. I licked my lips before taking another sip from my drink. 

He eyed me quietly. A long silence passed before he cleared his throat and inched closer to me, “Why are you here so early, Chloe?”

My throat tightened and I busied myself by making a game of stabbing my life with the black straw Craig had thrown in my tonic. “My mother called me earlier,” I bit my lip. 

“I guess that didn’t go well?” he watched me attack my citrus. 

I shrugged again, “She’s still the piece of scum she was when she left.”

He shook his head and draped his arm around my shoulder. My heart fluttered. I had been entirely infatuated with Adam since I moved here. He was a local. A little bit of the hippie-type. He worked at True Art, had the ink to prove it, and wore glasses and a flannel like no other could. 

I was hopeless.
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