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FRIDAY 16TH: Thorne has arranged a huge dinner event for you and your parents/guardians. Since they leave first thing tomorrow morning, this is a goodbye dinner for them. The Thorne Boys will also be present but with their parents, as well. This will be an interesting night since we all know that it's incredibly hard to keep the Boys away from the Girls....

"Mother," I addressed her respectfully as we took our seats, right across from Josh and his parents. Initially, I had been kind of upset since we had been seated so nearby each other. What was I going to say him? How awkward was it going to be? I could only imagine. After a while, though, I didn't mind so much that we'd been seated close together. It could serve as an excuse for us to talk--finally. "I'm going to go walk around and talk. Do you mind staying by yourself here?" I asked. All week, I had been trying to show her that I had grown and was maturing. Even though she knew this, I was still trying to go the extra mile in showing her that I wasn't a rude, selfish, careless girl. 
She looked around and laughed. "Oh, I'm fine, sweetie." she squinted her eyes and gasped. "Are those the Rousseaus?" she almost squealed. "Oh, I'll have to go talk to them. I never knew their little angel was sent here too." she said the last part in a half-whisper.

How did my mother, Czarina Woods, know Yulia's parents? Possibly because they were all quite known in Hollywood, considering my parents were musicians and singers, so they must have met at some award show or something. Satisfied with my mother's response, I walked over to Addy. I said hello to her and tried to strike up a conversation. She looked as if she could care less. So I ventured off to Willa's table. Her parents were so nice, compared to mine. Although they seemed annoying, Willa was happy. It was probably because she was sitting right next to Randy. 

If only I had the guts to introduce my mom to someone like Josh, who, after thinking about it, wasn't really someone I knew after all. But there was no doubt that he liked me and I liked him. It wasn't only obvious to my "friends", his parents seemed to know as well. They looked so welcoming. They were dressed like movie stars. Despite the fact my parents were so famous, they didn't have the charm and grace that Josh's parents did. I decided to face my fears and walk over to Josh to say hi. Maybe things could change... so I waved goodbye to Willa and Randy, aka the Lovebirds, and I walked back to where I was sitting. I noticed that my mother was no longer in her seat. I glanced at where Yulia was seated and saw my mother. I laughed inwardly, but I didn't know why.

When I approached the table, I gave my biggest and my brightest smile. "Hi, I'm Sofia." I said with a clear voice. I even put my hand out and shook everyone's hand. I stopped at Aurora's. What was Aurora doing here? At Josh's table? I suddenly got the feeling that Josh and Aurora were together and I could immediately feel my cheeks burn. I was about to make a speedy escape, when she spoke up.

"So-/fi/-a!" she giggled. "Didn't I tell you Josh was my brother?"

Right. How did I forget?

I blushed and giggled nervously as I sat down in the empty chair next to Josh. "This isn't taken, right?" I asked after I had already been seated. How stupid was I? Ugh... my tongue gets so tied up when I'm nervous. "Never mind," I quickly covered, "So, it's nice to meet you all." I looked around the table and saw everyone's faces again. Now I could see where Josh's perfect eyes came from and precise jawline. The family looked so alike that I felt as if I was looking at two older versions of Josh, one obviously a female version. I stared at Aurora for a second. She looked nothing like the Xol family at all, though she was apart of it. That's why I couldn't put two and two together only a few moments ago. Maybe she was a stepdaughter or adopted, but I didn't dare to inquire.

"Sofia, how do you know our son?" His father asked warmly. From then on, I wished I had them as my parents. They were so nice! They were the picture-perfect parents everyone dreamed of having. But wait, never mind. If they were my parents, then Josh and I would be... siblings. That wouldn't be right. Oh well, I thought and giggled to myself. 

"Ah," I was at a loss for words, "He's a friend. We're friends." I said. I sounded and felt dumber than Chrysa, who was unquestionably the dumbest girl at Thorne Academy. Josh didn't say anything to confirm my statement as true. 

Josh's father laughed. "Of course, of course. Just friends?" he asked with a smirk. 

I looked at Josh and smiled coyly. 

The rest of the evening was a mixture between super awkward and super fun. I spent the whole evening chatting with the parents and getting to know Aurora better. She was actually nice, I guess I just ignored her a lot, for some odd reason. But the awkward part? Josh hadn't said a word. Not a single /word/! And he was only inches a way from me. Cat got his tongue? Maybe he didn't talk, but his actions spoke louder than words. He obviously wanted nothing to do with me. But just to irritate him further, I stayed right there. I didn't budge! I wondered what he was thinking. Ugh, boys are so difficult to decipher. Was he shy? Embarrassed? Confused? Mad? Incredibly happy that he was speechless? Bored? Uninterested? 

I said goodbye to everyone at the table, not forgetting to say goodbye to Josh. He just took a sip of his water and turned his attention elsewhere. Talk about being subtle. 

I went back to our assigned table and my mother wasn't there. She was still talking to the Rousseaus! When we were leaving the dinner, I asked her, "So how was your night?"

"It was delightful!" she gushed. "That girl--Julie? Yuliana?--oh, she is just precious! I'm still confused why she's even here." 

Oh I definitely knew why she was here. Mother only saw the exterior of Yulia Rousseau. She was acting, she was an actress after all! But only Mother couldn't see that. She shifted her attention to me, "And what about yours, Sofia?"

"Wonderful," I said. I wasn't exactly telling the truth, but I wasn't being dishonest either. My night /was/ wonderful, in some aspects. But it would have been better if Josh wouldn't have kept me guessing. What's wrong with him? I'd have to ask Aurora for details.... 


[sorry this story is kinda boring and such, but it's just to show that Sofia's back to her normal nice-girl self, is trying to mend things with Addy and is majorly confused about Josh. Next story will make more sense, hopefully! sorry I couldn't include @invisible-rose maybe next time!]
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