I'd wear that: part 1

this is not a fashion style collection. this is a list of clothes and other thing i'd like to wear (or to use anyway like in case of vases, pictures, furniture etc) or at least to try on. well, i add to my items not only items i'd actually like to have but also things i appreciate for style or originality. so, you see, in following collections i pick only piece i'd personally want to try.
i admit i don't actually want to get everything on these lists. to tell you the truth, i think no one should have as much clothes as i listed in the name of sheer decency. some items like coctail dresses, i'd like to wear once or twice and give them away (i'd rather rent them). however, if i was to choose clothes, or accessories, or jewelry to buy, i'd like to get somewhere where i can try on and buy these very items i enlisted.

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