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2078, The economy in America has finally hit rock bottom as we all anticipated. We are in so much debt with China that they conquer the country taking over and changing everything. Fast forward to the year 2133. China has completely turned America into a comunist country called Machiavellia and ran by one company named YIQUE. At first everyone was very open and excited to the idea. They paraded through the cities advertising the glamour of equality and organization getting everyone hooked to their products. They have been running Machiavellia for years now, selling everything and anything from toilet paper to clothes to even delivery pizza. To keep things as orderly and equal as possible the Chinese government has eliminated any other companies from the market, causing YIQUE to be the biggest monopoly know to man.

Eventually the importance of color, style, creativity, and uniqueness fade away causing everyone to have to advertise the YIQUE logo on everything they own, also causing them all to only own white silver and clear property (including their clothing). To monitor that things stay in order and that delinquents aren’t running around disobeying the authority are YIQUE guards whoa re always carrying around large lazors more powerful than guns. These guards keep people in fear and this government slowly but surely drains away the souls of it’s beloved citizens simply sucking up the inspiration and creativity. This once Utopia of all the coolest and nicest things and lifestyle soon transforms into a Dystopia that needs to come to an end.

This is where this generation's young adults come in. They are sick of the same stuff everyday and are wildly fascinated by the modern legends of the early 2000's when things like style, color, and independence existed. So they all protest by opening up small and underground stores that sell different colorful and handmade items causing a huge break out. They all get let off with a warning to never do it again or put their lives in risk, but this is only the beginning. Some warn off and return to their bland and dull lives while the others stay strong and get smart.

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@glitterinmyviens awww shucksss

Wrote three years ago
lovve it


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