hey everyone, it's chloe! since my birthday is coming up in april, i decided to write down some good examples for birthday presents! these are my suggestions but depending on the personality of your birthday girl, they might not work for you.
here goes;
ღ online wishlist ღ
this one is super helpful! most retail stores have websites and on some of those websites, you can make a wishlist! have your friend make an account then add the items they like to a wishlist. afterwards, ask them to give you the login info and pick out a few items that you like & are also in your price range! you can then either order them online or try to find them in an actual store. this way, you can be sure that the person you're buying for will love their gift!
ღ a fashion magazine subscription ღ
i get tons of outfit ideas from magazines, especially fashion magazines! get your fashionista friend a super cool subscription to a fashion magazine! they can discover new trends, find awesome ways to create outfits and everything in between. and with a subscription, they can get new ideas every month. and maybe next year for their birthday, you can renew their subscription!

ღ a phone case ღ
you all know how many different phone cases are available so why not get one for the birthday girl! of course having a smartphone is definitely better for this idea so if they don't have one, it might be hard to find a case! you can order cases online or you can always stop at those little kiosks with the cases in the malls, they have tons of options!
ღ fitbit (or other wristband pedometers) ღ
your techie needs to enjoy exercise for this one, but trust me this product is so so so cool! it's an activity monitor that comes as a black wristband/bracelet for your style needs! there are many variations of this product so find the one that suits you and your price range!

ღ sport bag ღ
there are many varieties to this gift. if they go to the gym all the time, buy them a cute gym bag and sweat towel. if they're a dancer, get them a dance bag. swimmer = swim bag. i think you see my point here. 
ღ a waterproof camera ღ
my friend got one for her birthday and she uses it all the time! you may think ohno but this person might not swim in water (lakes, pools, etc) very often so a waterproof camera wouldn't be useful, but think again! where i live, we get lots of snow and when we use the waterproof camera, we don't have to worry about the snowflakes melting on the camera and ruining it! it's perfect for all climates!

ღ cute headphones ღ
whether they're a pair of beats, some animal earbuds or those retro wrap around your ear something doohickeys, find some headphones! based on their interests and personality, you'll be sure to find some type of listening device to buy your birthday girl!
ღ concert tickets ღ
these might be expensive, but if you're willing to splurge, take your friend to an awesome concert! the music will be fantastic, the location will be fantastic, and plus, you get to spend a night with your bestie! 

ღ a wreck this journal or finish this book ღ
for these gifts, each page is filled with fun! rip things out, add your opinions, it's up to you! if the person you're buying a gift for is super creative, they'll be sure to love this!
ღ craft or diy set ღ
these are sold in most stores but i don't have that much experience with them. i'm sure you can find diy ideas on pinterest! make them an instruction guide, buy the materials and create a cute gift basket containing your items! 

ღ gift cards ღ
this is pretty much self explanatory. if your birthday girl's personality isn't described above, go with a gift card! it's simple, fast and the person getting the gift can decide on how they want to use it!

that's it! 
until next time ღ
chloe || @cetdancer

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