01. to keep track of things.

02. a quote book! you could either write them out, or make wordart from your favorite pictures.

03. places you want to go! include a photo for each place, where you want to go in that place, what you want to buy, and some fun facts!

04. travel journal. whenever you travel somewhere, document the trip. use pictures and items you collected during the trip (ex. seashells, leaves, souvenirs, etc.)

05. your own dictionary. put only cool words and words with great meanings in there. 

06. your own 'wreck this journal' only, YOU decide the pages. 

07. fabric swatch journal. 

08. scrapbook "tumblr". decorate the pages of your journal like it's a blog!

09. dream journal. after you wake up, immediately write the dream you had last night.

10. favorite recipe notebook. be sure to include pictures & make it neat & descriptive!

11. nature journal. put in cool nature findings in your notebook: leaves, rocks, flowers, shells. but please, no creepy bugs.

12. poem book. write your poetry & other's poetry in here.

13. short story journal. this is great practice for writing!

14. doodle book! just doodle with no intention to stop x]

15. your own "14,000 things to be happy about" book, except there aren't any limits!

16. typography notebook. let see how many styles you can write your name or "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

17. to-do list/bucket-list. write anything you want to do before you die.

18. inspiration journal. anything that inspires you. 

19. opinion journal. write your opinions on anything! be sure to be detailed in your responses. (god, i sound like an english teacher :P)

20. life lessons notebook. write down any lessons you learned each day.

21. gratitude journal. jot down any 5 good things that happened to you each day.. they don't have to be big.

22. photography journal. paste your favorite photos down.

23. fashion inspiration journal. if you ever see someone on polyvore wearing super rad clothes, print that shit out and paste it on to your notebook!

24. fashion log. paste your daily outfits in the pages of your notebook. see how your style evolves.

25. reading log. write down every book you've read!

26. a rubber stamp log! 

27. flower print journal. if you press a flower into your notebook & leave it like that for two weeks, the flower will stain your notebook!

30. write down any home remedies you find.

31. gardening journal. write down facts about the plants you're gardening.
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socially awkward.

socially awkward.

the name speaks for itself.
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